Pests and Diseases of Thuja ‘Green Giant’

Thuja ‘Green Giant’ is one of our most popular trees for hedges, privacy screens and windbreaks. It is a fast growing evergreen, adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions, and grows fast. It can grow up to 20-40 feet tall at maturity and has an extremely fast growth rate of 3-5 feet per year […]

How to Prune Limelight Hydrangea into a Tree

Limelight hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’) usually stays around six to eight feet tall, but it can put on two to three feet of growth per season and get as tall as fourteen feet. Left on their own, hydrangeas tend to grow as rangy, unkempt, multi-stemmed shrubs. But we can do better. We have pruning shears! […]

tree growing in wrong space

How to Move a Tree

Sooner or later, we all come to the realization that a favorite tree or shrub is simply in the wrong place. Maybe it’s not getting the right amount of sun or shade. Maybe we can see that it is going to get too big for its place in the landscape. Maybe a new project is […]

Spring is the Best Time to Plant a Privacy Screen

If you’ve been thinking about a green privacy screen, springtime is the best time of the year to get started. Trees planted in the spring of the year will have the whole growing season to get established. In most cases, they will be on their own and not need any special attention the following year. […]


Pros and Cons of Different Nut Trees

Nut trees are often overlooked by the backyard orchardist. They shouldn’t be. Of course nut trees take longer to reach maturity than most fruit trees, but once they start producing, nut trees will continue to reward for decades, even centuries. Most make handsome shade trees in addition to providing delicious and healthful nuts. The best […]

Why Ship Plants to Your Home?

The ways that we live, work, play, and shop has forever been transformed by the power of the Internet. It may come as a surprise to some that shipping plants to your home has huge benefits over going to your local retailer, just because it seems so counterintuitive to buy plants online! But actually, not […]

Top 5 Trees for Privacy

Are you looking to create a privacy screen? Maybe you’re trying to block out noise, improve air quality, or provide a lush green backdrop for your garden (all of which are great reasons to plant privacy trees). There are many options for privacy trees, based on your needs and desires. Before you invest in privacy […]


Plant a Rose Bush

One of the world’s most popular flowers, nothing symbolizes love like classically beautiful, graceful roses do. With some basic gardeners’ knowledge and a little TLC, you can grow a rose bush in your own yard and enjoy this beloved flower throughout most of the year. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to […]

What is Apical Dominance?

Plants grow new buds at the tip of each shoot. These are known as the “apical buds.” The apical bud is where new growth and elongation occur. But that’s not all the apical bud does. The apical bud produces a hormone (auxin) that flows through the plant’s vascular system (phloem) down the stem, and inhibits the […]

Curb Appeal: How Trees Can Increase Your Home Value

When you plant trees, you’re not just beautifying your landscape — you’re also investing in your property value anywhere from 7-19% (source);  this study from the University of Michigan states that for every $1 you invest in landscaping your yard, you’ll see a 109% return in home value!   Homes with well-landscaped yards and beautifully-grown […]

brown turkey fig fruit bowl

Popular Fig Varieties

There are some 800 species of figs, genus Ficus, but the ones that we grow for the delicious fruits are all varieties of Ficus carica, the common fig.     The edible figs (that is, common figs) do not require cross pollination, so you need only one tree to get fruits. Learn more about why […]

What Plants Produce Berries?

Looking to attract wildlife to your yard, or simply want the beauty of berries in your landscape? We’ve got options! Although berries usually grow on bushes, there are a few trees that yield berries as well. Whether you’re looking for a bush or a tree, here are some of our favorite berry-producing plants.   Oakleaf […]