Best Pollinator Plants for Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds

Help us celebrate Pollinator Week this year, by selecting plants for a pollinator garden in your landscape. Keep reading to find out the best pollinator plants for butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds! What is Pollination? If you watch a bee closely on a flower, you can see them removing pollen from the stamen of a flower. […]

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Father’s Day Gifts 2021: 5 Plants Every Dad Will Love

The Perfect Plants Nursery team is excited to share ideas for the perfect gift for your dad. Our Father’s Day Gifts 2021 guide highlights 5 different plants, each handpicked to treat your dad on his day! Celebrate your dad this year with a gift that will last a lifetime. Windmill Palm If your dad is […]

Cutting tree limb with sheers

The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning

Different people have different interpretations between tree pruning vs trimming. In fact, some people assume that they are one in the same, but there are some key differences in the definition between trimming and pruning, as we’re exploring in this guide. It’s time to identify if your plants need a little bit of a prune, […]

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Why Are Native Plants Important?

Want to help the environment while adding color and diversity to your landscape? Native plants are the way to go! As a North Florida based company, we like to highlight the importance of incorporating native plants into your landscaping and garden projects. Why are native plants important? Native plants are known to provide shelter and […]

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Mother’s Day Plant Gift Guide

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate your mom than a gift that will keep on giving! There is no wrong choice when selecting from our Mother’s Day Plant Gifts. The Perfect Plants team has hand-picked 4 of our most popular plants that are perfect for your mom on […]

top 3 trees to plant for earth day

Top 3 Trees to Plant for Earth Day 2021

With April being Earth month and the actual Earth Day right around the corner, we have compiled a list of the top 3 trees to plant for Earth Day 2021. Trees of all kinds can be planted to enjoy for many years to come. Maybe you prefer flowering trees for their yearly blooms which invite […]

Southern Magnolia Flower

How to Prune a Magnolia Tree

There are more than 80 species of the Magnolia Trees, many of which are timeless classics that have historically represented the global south. This plant species is most popular for its leathery leaves, white or pink-tinged flowers, and some magnolia varieties that grow well in colder climates. From the Kobus and Saucer Magnolia to the […]

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How To Repot a Snake Plant

Is your snake plant starting to explode out of its pot? If so, your snake plant is probably overdue for a larger pot. Foliage discoloration, excessive roots, top-heavy and wilting are all signs of a root-bound plant. To help, we’ve put together a few steps to guide you while you learn how to repot a […]

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Top 5 Best Ground Cover Plants to Prevent Weeds

Ground cover plants are an essential part of landscaping and have many uses in the garden. They can be used to carpet the garden, prevent erosion on slopes, cover shaded areas under trees, and prevent weeds from choking out other plants. Not only that, but they can also add new colors and textures into the […]

Beautiful Pink and Yellow Hibiscus Flower

How to Care for Hibiscus: Hibiscus Winter Care

Red, yellow, peach, white, and orange – a Hibiscus flower is easy to recognize from a distance because of its characteristic color, charm, and fragrance. Known for their bright and colorful flowers, these tropical plants are popular for their decorative use, which can transform any garden or indoor living space by making it more beautiful. […]

Deer Eating Plants

How to Keep Deer From Eating Plants

As adorable as they are, do not let the fuzzy charm of these mammals lower your guard as a gardener. Deer are capable of wreaking havoc in your garden bed and turning it upside down if they are not deterred. They are a beautiful sight to behold as you sit on your porch with a […]

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Winter Care for Roses

Some rose varieties are hardier than others. They can brave through winter without needing too much attention. However, if it gets freezing in your region, then you need to consider taking adequate care of your rose plants in winter. Otherwise, you may have a lot of replacing to do once winter ends, especially if you […]