Plants that Attract Butterflies

Who doesn’t love watching butterflies (can we call them fluttering flowers?) fly from one flower to the next on a sunny day?  These are the best plants that attract butterflies to your garden. How to Attract Butterflies To attract and keep butterflies, you need to supply the foods that they and their caterpillars eat. Many butterfly […]

How to Prune Blueberry Bushes

Fresh blueberries are among our favorite summertime snacks. Blueberry bushes are easy to grow and don’t require much maintenance, but you’ll get the best crops if you prune them regularly. Learn how to prune blueberry bushes in this blog for better crops and delicious blueberries. Best Selling Blueberry Bushes Blueberries are born on one-year-old side-shoots that […]

How To Grow Muscadine Grapes

A warm-climate loving variety, Muscadine Grapes are essential for the southern garden. Not only are they easy to grow, but they also produce prolifically. If you’ve been dreaming of making lots of jam, jelly, or wine, muscadines are for you. This blog will teach you how to grow muscadine grapes. Muscadine grapes are an adaptation of […]

Why Are My Hydrangeas Not Blooming?

Once bloomed, the hydrangea plant is one of the most beautiful flowers to have in any garden. The hydrangea plant is very common to southern and eastern Asian (mostly Korea, China, and Japan) and American landscapes, with different species and varieties growing across the globe. Most hydrangea plants are between 3-10 tall, but others exist […]

nutrient deficiency in plants starts with soil

Common Nutrient Deficiencies in Plants

In addition to sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, plants require certain elemental nutrients to survive and grow. Macronutrients are needed in relatively large amounts. These essential plant nutrients needed by plants are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (the NPK on fertilizer labels), and calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Micronutrients are no less important, but are needed […]

Backyard Fruit Trees for Beginners

If you are looking for the best place to buy fruit trees online look no further! Growing your own fruits in your own backyard is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, some types of fruit trees can be challenging to grow – what with pests, diseases, and specialized cultivation requirements. Here, though, we introduce some […]

benjamin fig tree indoors

Growing a Ficus Benjamina Fig Tree Indoors

The weeping fig tree (Ficus benjamina), also known as Benjamin fig tree or simply ficus tree, is a very popular and easy-to-care-for houseplant.  Of all the species in the genus Ficus, this one is the best for indoor cultivation. Learn how to care for a weeping fig indoors in this blog.   Containerized ficus trees […]

banana tree leaves

How to Prune a Banana Tree

Banana plants aren’t actually trees: They do not have woody trunks. Technically, banana plants are herbaceous perennials, albeit the largest flowering herbs in the world. Some varieties get over twenty feet tall. Learn how to prune a banana tree and why it is important to do so in this blog post. Left to itself, a banana […]

drought tolerant landscaping

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Plants need a nearly constant supply of water. (They also need sunlight, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, but these are available almost everywhere.) Gardeners all across the world need to be mindful of drought tolerant landscaping depending on your location. In the United States, places like Florida, California, and Texas occasionally go through periods of drought with […]

pecan orchard

How Many Pecan Trees Per Acre?

Pecan trees get very large – more than 80 feet tall, with a spread of 50 feet wide or more. They are not suitable for the small backyard. But, if you have the room, a pecan tree is well worth having, and a welcome legacy for those who come behind you. Find out how many […]

sumac leaves in fall

Winter Interest Plants and Shrubs

We all love the amazing colors that many deciduous trees and shrubs take on in autumn before they drop their leaves. Not to be outdone, some winter blooming shrubs and trees provide noteworthy texture, architectural structure, and more color in the leafless wintertime, too. Attractive bark, colorful stems, berries that remain into winter, and interesting […]

why do you deadhead flowers

Why Deadheading Flowers is Important

When flowers are past their prime, they turn their attention to producing fruits and seeds. Producing fruits and developing seeds takes energy that might otherwise be used to make more flowers, foliage, or roots. Many gardeners ask us what is deadheading? The act of deadheading flowers is removing spent flower blossoms so that the plant […]