Frost Proof Gardenia Shrub

Frost Proof Gardenia Shrub

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Tough, Frost Resistant Gardenia Variety with Highly Fragrant Blooms

This tough Frost Proof gardenia shrub is known for keeping its fragrant blooms even in unexpected freezing weather. If you’re looking for an elegant hedge or foundation plant that won’t lose its flowers even after late spring frosts, this is the perfect plant for you.

The Gardenia flowering shrub features a more upright growing habit that supports shiny, dark green leaves and fragrant white, 2 to 3-inch flower bulbs. This gardenia plant simply smells amazing while in bloom time during the summer months.

The Frostproof gardenia size can be maintained as small as 12-14 inches tall in a pot or container, but grows to about 3 feet tall outdoors. This slow-growing frost proof gardenia plant will eventually grow up to 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide at maturity after several years.

Fragrant white flower buds resist mid-spring frosts without damage and need regular weekly watering during the spring growing season for best results. The surrounding soil must retain moisture to provide these gardenia flowers with the green foliage undersides of this flowering shrub.

Frost Free Gardenia Care

Gardenia jasminoides frostproof plant thrives best with more direct, full sun compared to other gardenia varieties but can grow in partial sun, or morning sun with afternoon shade if in extreme temperatures with cold snaps. Can also grow in partial shade if you live in a hot area like Florida. Well-drained soil is best.

These plants take lots of energy to produce their white flowers and the more acidic soils the better. Gardenias prefer their soil pH to be between 5.5 and 6.5. You can do this by adding sulfur or other acidifying components to lower the pH. Home gardeners can find these at your local gardening center if you do not have access to it. This is the only special care this plant takes to grow gardenias in the correct growing conditions. Perform a soil test if you are unsure about the acidity.

This evergreen shrub grows best in plant hardiness zones 7-10 in the southern United States. The growing zones indicate that it has cold hardiness qualities but cannot withstand intense winter weather like up north.

Frost Proof Gardenia care is easy to master and worth it for the breathtaking, sweet-smelling double flowers that light up your landscape in the summertime. When the plant arrives, be sure to spread out roots in the root ball to encourage fast growth when you are planting. A layer of organic mulch or organic matter like peat moss spread atop the planting site will help maintain moisture.

If your gardenia plant isn’t provided the best environment, it can weaken the plant and make it an easy target for spider mites. Insecticidal soap is best to get rid of them. Gardenias require an annual application of slow-release fertilizer or Liquid Fertilizers for Gardenias to perform best.

You can grow these gardenias as potted plants. Choose a container double the size of the nursery container and be sure to pot up when the pot becomes too small. If planting in the ground, dig a hole double the size of the pot it comes shipped in and backfills with nutrient-dense soil.

This frost proof gardenia plant for sale will arrive as a healthy plant with a sweet scent that you will love! They make perfect cut flowers and can enhance any garden design!

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Botanical Name
Gardenia jasminoides 'Frostproof'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color
Dark Green

Flower Color

Mature Width
4 ft

Mature Height
5 ft

Growing Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

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Andrew N.
United States United States

Flowers bloomed

Came in great condition. Flowers bloomed after a few days :)

Perfect Plants Nursery Frost Proof Gardenia Shrub Review

Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review on our Frostproof Gardenia Shrub. We're thrilled to hear that your plant arrived in great condition and was quick to show off its beautiful blossoms! Happy gardening! Best, Shirley

Mike W.
United States United States

Beautiful Gardinias

Very nice service!


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi Mike, Thank you so much for the purchase of our Frostproof Gardenia and for taking the time to leave a review of it and your experience with the process. Happy planting, Shirley

United States United States

Good plants

Bought 15 of these frostproof gardenias. They shipped nicely. I had issues with other plants, but Perfect Plants worked to rectify the issue. Central Texas has very little top soil and lots of clay and decomposed limestone underneath. You'll need to add LOTS of course sand and/or aerating media to improve drainage if you til over 2ft deep like I unnecessarily did. Pictures show how I dig up and mixed the clay with existing decomposed mulch and garden soil. Dont do this! Remove the red clay. Looking back, I should have removed the clay, added peat moss and/or acidic soil (cactus/succulent soil with a bit of orchid soil or bark woks well) in a 18"x18"x18" hole, and called it a day. Adjusting PH of water and soil helps as well. Many PH down additives and soil acidifyers out there. Google is your friend. Prep your beds for high drainage and acceptable acidic levels, or you'll end up potting back-up set in fabric pots from Amazon like me lol. Gardening is addicting stuff for OCD ppl like me, but highly therapeutic :-).

Perfect Plants Nursery Frost Proof Gardenia Shrub ReviewPerfect Plants Nursery Frost Proof Gardenia Shrub Review

Perfect Plants Nursery

Hey there, Thank you for sharing your experience and providing helpful tips for other gardeners in Central Texas! We appreciate your feedback and a detailed description of your planting process. It's great to hear that the frostproof gardenias shipped nicely and that we were able to rectify any issues you had with other plants. We agree that soil preparation is crucial, especially in areas with clay and decomposed limestone. Your insights about adding course sand, aerating media, and adjusting the pH of water and soil are valuable for fellow gardeners. We hope that your garden continues to thrive. If you have any further questions or need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out. Happy gardening! Best, Shirley

United States United States

Arrived in great condition

Gardenias were carefully packed, had good roots and looked healthy. Thriving in their new home.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to leave a kind review. I am so glad to hear your Frost Proof Gardenia Shrub is thriving in its new home with you. We take pride in packing and delivering healthy, happy, and beautiful plants. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!

Angie J.

Well Packaged

I ordered this on a different site and not from Perfect Plants itself so I was worried what the shipped plant would be like. I worried for no reason! This plant came so well packaged from Perfect Plants. You would never know this came in the mail. No soil loose in the box, no broken branches and best of all, a healthy little shrub I would have picked myself at the nursery. I cant wait see it in bloom!


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi Angie, Thank you for such kind words, My Perfect Plants strive hard to deliver the best plants to our customers. Thank You, My Perfect Plants Team

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