Dogwood Trees

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Want to add a burst of color with early spring flowering trees? Dogwood trees would be a great choice! We have two choices to pick from and they both would be gorgeous!

The pink dogwood and white dogwood are equally as beautiful and very similar in nature. The White Dogwood tree gets slightly taller. The green foliage stays bright green throughout spring and summer before the leaves drop in winter.

The large, colorful blossoms have 4 petals and produce a showy display in the spring. The flowers can last until the summer on these deciduous trees. They make excellent shade trees when the leaves are flushed out.

Dogwoods, aka Cornus florida, are disease and pest resistant and will live happily in a variety of soils. Adaptable to many climates and fast growing in nature! These fast growing trees are native to the United States and can be seen growing wild in many states and settings.

Dogwoods can handle full sun or partial shade. They are low maintenance and cold hardy down to USDA zone 5. These early spring blooming trees are planted in many places. They are one of the most commonly planted small trees in the US.

Since dogwood trees are smaller in nature, they are great trees to be planted in shaded areas. Commonly seen as understory trees, dogwoods only get up to 30 feet tall at mature size.

They need little to no pruning and will grow to the area that you plant it in. You can read more about this in: Instead of over pruning, choose smaller trees to fit your planting site.

Dogwoods are highly used and loved by many because of their ability to adapt to any landscape.

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Dogwood Tree Care

How to Plant a Dogwood Tree

When planting Dogwood Trees they should be planted to where the root ball is slightly showing above ground. You will want to add your soil around the sides of the root ball instead of directly over. 

When to Plant Dogwood Trees

The best time to plant dogwood trees is early spring or late fall, at least 6 weeks before the first frost.

How to Prune a Dogwood Tree

Pruning dogwood trees should occur in winter when the small tree is dormant. You will want to start by pruning off any damaged, scraggly or diseased branches. Lastly, you will want to remove the lower branches and some of the central branches with sharp and sanitary cutters.

Dogwood Tree Fertilizer

The best dogwood tree fertilizer is one with a ratio of 12-4-8 and should be applied in early spring before the growing season. 

Dogwood Tree Leaves Curling

Dogwood leaves curl as a defense when feeling stressed. The tree can become stressed by many factors such as underwatering, overwatering, environmental factors, and more. 

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