Green Peace Lily

Green Peace Lily

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NASA Approved for Air Toxin Removal + Adds Touch of Green Decor to Your Home

The Green Peace Lily is a classic houseplant, perfect to start your collection. The dark green foliage contrasts beautifully with the pure white blooms that the flowering plant produces. If you’re looking for a houseplant with endless blooms and easy maintenance, the Peace Lily plant is the way to go!

As a natural air detoxifier, NASA has deemed this plant in the top 5 for removing pollutants from the air. The toxins it can remove include benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia. We recommend keeping this plant in your bedroom at night to help you sleep.

This elegant and graceful tropical houseplant will make a great addition to any interior. Keep it in your office for a burst of green or put it on your nightstand to purify the air. The options are endless, just like their blooms!

When Do Peace Lilies Bloom?

Peace lily flowers bloom in spring and the blooms can last for two months. Given the right conditions, the peace lily will bloom in the fall too. As the plant matures it can have multiple white flowers blooming at a time. The peace lily is not a true lily but a member of the Araceae family.


Peace lily plants prefer bright, indirect light conditions for best results. The more light the common houseplant receives, the bigger the blooms and foliage will grow. Be sure not to expose it to direct sunlight as this can burn or scorch the green leaves and they will turn yellow and eventually brown.

You can grow these tropical plants indoors or outdoors as long as they have the proper growing conditions. The mature size of the plant can get up to 2-3 feet tall and wide. If being grown outdoors, the plant can only tolerate USDA hardiness zone 10-11 but can be moved indoors for the winter months in other zones. Growing peace lilies indoor, care may differ slightly depending on the humidity, light, and temperatures.

How to Repot a Peace Lily?

Repotting a peace lily is quite simple. Choose a pot no bigger than double the size of its current container and use new potting soil. Peace lilies prefer well-draining soil and being planted in a container with a drainage hole. We recommend our Organic Potting Mix with added Perlite as the best option. You can fertilize peace lilies annually in early spring to promote growth and encourage flowering.

How Often To Water Peace Lily?

Peace lily watering schedules can change throughout the year. They are thirsty plants and in the warm, summer months they may need watering up to 3-4x/week especially if in a shallow container or growing outdoors. If you are wondering how often to water a peace lily, the best way to tell is by feeling the soil for moisture or purchasing a moisture meter. You do not want to wait until the soil is dry to water as the peace lily likes moist conditions. Peace Lillies will display dehydration by having saggy leaves, so check your soil for the first couple of weeks before establishing a schedule. Overwatered peace lilies will show symptoms of root rot like yellowing leaves, a foul odor, and droopy leaves.

How to Prune a Peace Lily

Pruning Peace Lillies is not necessary to keep the plant in good condition. You can deadhead any drying blooms to encourage reblooming. When pruning or deadheading the peace lily, cut the stalk at the base of the plant. This will encourage new growth, as every stalk can only bloom once. Older plants may drop some leaves as a natural cycle, so pruning them once they show signs of yellowing will expedite the process.

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Cats?

Peace Lilies are toxic to cats and other pets when consumed. The toxic component, calcium oxalate, will irritate your pet’s mouth and stomach. Some symptoms after ingesting include excessive drooling and salivating, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, and behaviors displaying discomfort. Most animals will only attempt consumption once, as irritation starts immediately.

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Botanical Name
Spathiphyllum wallisii

Full Shade / Partial Sun

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
1-3 ft

Mature Height
2-3 ft

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