Hanging Boston Fern

Hanging Boston Fern

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Lush, Tropical Plant for Indoor or Outdoor Growing!

Hanging Boston Fern plants are of the most versatile out there. Perfect for adding a touch of green decor to indoor or outdoor settings.

Native to tropical locations around the world, this evergreen perennial is extremely low maintenance. The bright green drooping fronds become graceful as the plant grows with age and arches over the pot. The fronds have a ruffled effect and are sword-like giving it the nickname Sword Fern.

The Boston Fern plant comes in a hanging pot that can be hung up on patios or back porches, indoors in a sunroom, bedroom, or bright office. It is one of the top related plants to reducing air pollutants in the home.


Since they are a tropical plant and prefer moist and humid climates, only grow the Boston Fern outdoors in USDA growing zones 10-12. In all other zones, you may grow indoors as a houseplant. Additionally, you can keep your fern outdoors almost anywhere when the weather is right during the spring and summer growing season. Simply move the plant indoors when the temperatures drop during fall and winter.

Boston Ferns indoors like consistently moist soil. Boston Ferns watering should be kept on a schedule and should be watered whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. Keeping this plant in a humid room like a bathroom is best to keep conditions as similar to their natural habitat as possible.

The Boston Fern’s light conditions should be bright and indirect sunlight. If growing outdoors, provide ample shade and low light. Too much sun can cause the browning of the fronds.

This evergreen fern can grow up to 3 feet tall and wide at full maturity. It is a non-flowering variety of ferns.

Add a splash of green color to any room with the Boston Fern for sale.

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Botanical Name
Nephrolepis exaltata

Full Shade / Partial Sun

Foliage Color

Mature Width
3 ft

Mature Height
3 ft

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