Majesty Palm Tree

Majesty Palm Tree

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Tropical Palm Tree for Indoor Decor

The Majesty Palm tree gained popularity as a houseplant in the 1990s and we have loved it ever since!

Native to the coasts of Madagascar, this tropical palm tree thrives in warm and humid environments. With dark green fronds that can reach up to 2-3 feet long when grown indoors, you can add a tropical element to any indoor space.

The Majesty Palm's benefits include adding feng shui, removing toxins from the air, and releasing oxygen to help you sleep at night.

Majesty Palm Care

Wondering how to care for Majesty Palms? It's easy as pie when given the right growing conditions! Majesty Palms like bright full sunlight with at least 6-8 hours a day. Grow the Majesty Palm indoors near a sunny window or in a bathroom with lots of light and humidity.

Majesty Palm outdoor care includes having it in the right growing zones. There are few places outside of Madagascar where this unique palm tree can thrive. If you do decide to try to grow it outside, be sure you are in USDA zones 9-11 which is in several parts of central & south Florida, Texas, and California.

This palm is a slow grower! The Majesty Palm's growth rate is up to 1 foot per year indoors. It has a mature size of 8-10 feet tall and up to 3 feet wide. Grown in the wild, the Majesty Palm height can reach up to 80 feet tall with 8-foot fronds.

Majesty Palm watering is important to keep up with! They like it wet just in their native habitats. Never let the soil dry out between watering and make sure it is kept consistently moist.

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Botanical Name
Ravenea rivularis

Partial Sun/Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Mature Width
3-5 ft

Mature Height
8-10 ft

Growing Zones Indoors

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