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Evergreen trees are a timeless addition to many homes and landscapes. They have been around for hundreds of years and will be around for hundreds more. While other deciduous trees lose their leaves over the winter, evergreen trees maintain their dark green color all year round. This also makes an easy to nonexistent cleanup!

Shop our evergreen trees for sale to find low-maintenance trees you need for your next landscape project. Evergreens are drought tolerant once established, tolerant of a multitude of soil types, and easy to care for. So much so, that any novice gardener or landscaper can handle these evergreen beauties! If you do experience any type of issue check out our blog on How to Save an Evergreen Tree from Dying for more info.

Buying evergreen trees for your landscape is something you will cherish and reap the benefits from. We have a great selection of sizes, shapes, textures, and varieties for your home landscape. Shop our selection of potted Evergreen Trees for sale with confidence and get our fast and secure shipping, guaranteed!

What Are the Best Types of Evergreen Trees?

thuja giant trees

There are many types of evergreen trees including holly, magnolia treescypress trees, arborvitae, juniper, cedar, and spruce among the most popular.

The Longleaf Pine is a native evergreen tree found in woodland areas of the southern United States. The long needle-like leaves of this conifer provide shelter and food for wildlife. They can live for hundreds of years.

If you are looking for an evergreen tree that produces red berries, look no further than the Oakleaf Holly. The pyramidal shape and year round interest make this fast growing shrub a favorite! The red berries attract wildlife like birds.

The fastest growing evergreen trees for privacy would be the Leyland Cypress and Thuja Green Giant. They can grow up to 3-5 feet per year and provide privacy quickly! The Leyland gets taller than the thuja so choose your planting sites wisely.

Not only do these trees provide visual interest, but there are also many other uses for evergreen trees such as a windbreak, privacy screen, or barrier from cold temperatures. Adding evergreen trees can also increase your home value.

What Are the Best Evergreen Trees for Privacy 

Many people plant evergreen trees to provide privacy for the home and yards. Their dense shape provides privacy in a way that is less expensive and time-consuming than building a fence. 

What Are the Best Evergreen Trees for Pots

close up of a white magnolia

Although trees thrive best when planted in the ground, there are a few that can be kept 
in pots. A few evergreen trees that thrive in pots are Little Gem Magnolias

, Sky Pencil Holly, and Podocarpus


Evergreen Tree Fertilizer

Evergreen trees need a “complete” fertilizer that has as many nutrients as possible. It is recommended to have a ratio of 10-8-15 for ideal fertilization. Our slow release fertilizer will work perfectly for evergreen trees!How to Plant Evergreen Trees

Planting evergreen trees is dependent on the look you’re going for. Plant these fast growing trees in a single row to act as a privacy fence at the edge of your property line. You can plant them in a double row with multiple varieties to spice it up and bring diversity to your yard. These trees grow fast and will provide protection from strong wind gusts and from people walking by or peering in. Check out the Evergreen Tree Grow Guide for more information on choosing and planting these green giants.

Where to Plant Evergreen Trees

Although different evergreen trees have different sunlight needs, most evergreens do well in Full sun, partial sun, or a more partial shade spot. Check your USDA zone before choosing and planting your new evergreen tree. Most are tolerant of a variety of climates but some cannot handle the cold temperatures of the north.

When to Plant Evergreen Trees

The best time to plant evergreen trees is in the Spring when the soil is at its best and so is the weather. 

close up of windmill palm fronds

What Is the Fastest Growing Evergreen Tree?

One of the fastest growing evergreen trees is the Thuja Green Giant. This enormous tree can grow up to 5ft per year and reach heights of 60ft tall.

Pruning Evergreen Trees

If the height is not your desired look, you can prune your evergreens into a privacy hedge or any shape for that matter. Learn more about how to trim your evergreen trees by visiting our Privacy Trees blog.

Pine tree in the snow and branch being pruned

Evergreen Trees in Winter

Although evergreen trees are green year round they can’t be planted in winter, but you can protect them from the winter months. To keep your evergreen tree healthy and warm during the winter months you will want to add a 2 inch layer of mulch. This will help keep the roots of the tree warm and provide it with nutrients. The best thing about evergreen trees is that they will stay green all winter long!

Are there Dwarf Evergreen Trees?

Yes! There are dwarf evergreen trees. Here is a list of some of our favorite evergreen dwarf varieties: Dwarf Podocarpus Pringles, Little Gem Magnolia, and Dwarf Burford Holly.

Feel free to contact us about our evergreen trees for sale! Our nursery experts can always point you in the right direction.

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