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Cherry Blossom trees are one of the first plants to wake up each spring and will dazzle your yard with their abundant white or pink blooms. You’ll enjoy their sweet fragrance and bright hues while you wait for warmer weather with the rest of your garden. The leaves will turn autumnal hues of red, orange, and yellow in the fall, so these fall color trees will bring a pop of color to your yard all year long.

Cherry blossoms can grow quite tall, so they’re best suited for areas with plenty of space so they can spread out and develop sturdy root systems. They make the perfect shade tree, especially when you plant multiple in one area. They’re ideal for seating areas or creating shade for other plants that need a break from the sun.

Types Of Cherry Blossom Trees

If you want to bring the classic Cherry Blossom tree to your yard, you’ll love our Okame Cherry Tree. The Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree is also a unique choice since it has a rounded mushroom-like shape.

Flowering cherry blossom trees come in many shapes and colors. They are also referred to as ornamental cherry trees. Some are round like a lollipop, while others are vase-shaped. The most popular have a weeping form, which makes for curtains of pink and white blooms in the spring and a nice shady spot in the summer months.

Flowering cherry blossom trees make a grand statement by themselves. However, they are genuinely stunning when planted in a line along streets or paths or as a pair to flank a garden gate or a driveway entrance.

Cherry Blossom Tree Leaves

Leaves on flowering cherry blossom trees are dark green during the growing season and become a yellow, red, or even a purple-bronze color during the fall. 

Do Cherry Blossom Trees Grow Cherries?

Some varieties do grow small, somewhat bitter, and hard cherries. You and I won't find them edible, but songbirds often do. 

How Fast Do Cherry Blossom Trees Grow?

If planted in a prime location with full sunlight and fertile, well-draining soil, some flowering cherry trees can grow as much as 3 feet per year. However, 1-2 feet per year is more common. That may not sound impressive, but in a few years, your flowering cherry trees will be ten feet tall, almost as wide, and covered with beautiful flowers every spring. 

When Do Cherry Blossom Trees Bloom & For How Long?

Cherry blossom trees bloom during early to mid-spring when the temperatures begin to warm. Their blossoms usually last a couple of weeks, although a severe spring storm can sometimes knock many of them down. Check out cherryblossomwatch.com for all the good stuff on the annual cherry blossom season and the festival in Washington, D.C.

Cherry Blossom Tree Maintenance

How to Care for a Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom trees symbolize spring for many people since they’re some of the first plants to provide bright colors after a long winter. Fortunately, they’re easy to care for when they’re in the proper climate, so you can easily bring the joyful feelings of this plant into your yard.

They need lots of sunlight and are drought tolerant once established. If you can provide them with TLC when they’re young, you won’t have to worry about them as much later. Pruning dead and diseased branches are crucial when they’re young, so you can train them to grow in the shape you want.

How to Plant a Cherry Blossom Tree

Water your Cherry Blossom trees well when you receive them. To plant them, dig a hole twice the width of the root ball, but don’t make the hole much deeper than the roots. Place the tree into the hole and fill it up with well-draining soil that’s slightly acidic. Water the tree deeply and add more soil if needed as the dirt settles.

Planting in early spring is the best option so they can have a full year to establish themselves in your garden. If you live in an area with temperate winters, you can plant them in the fall.

Cherry Blossom Tree Size

Cherry Blossom trees will grow to be 15-25 feet tall and 15-30 feet wide. They grow 1-2 feet per year. It will take some time for them to reach their mature size, but this is still a fast growth rate for a tree!

Cherry Blossom Tree Zones

These trees grow well in temperate areas. They’re ideal for USDA zones 5-8, but many pink varieties like the Okame and Japanese Kwanzan can grow in zone 9. They like full exposure to sunlight but can’t survive in hot climates, and they need to be protected from prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures.

How Often to Water Cherry Blossom Trees That You Buy Online

Water new Cherry Blossoms regularly and deeply the first year you have them. They need consistently moist soil, so the roots grow well and become sturdy.

After the first year, you don’t have to water them as often because they’re drought tolerant. You can water once the top few inches of the soil is dry. You’ll need to water more often during the hottest part of summer and if you don’t use mulch.

A thick layer of mulch around the tree’s root zone will keep the soil cool and moist, so you won’t have to water as often.

All About Cherry Blossom Tree Fertilizer

Cherry Blossoms aren’t heavy feeders, so supplying them with a slow-release all-purpose fertilizer once in early spring will be enough to feed them throughout the year. We recommend fertilizing so your trees will produce stronger roots and brighter flowers and foliage.

How to Prune A Cherry Blossom Tree

Pruning is a must if you want your Cherry Blossoms to look their best! Pruning encourages flower growth and can double how many flowers are on your tree. When you prune young Cherry Blossoms, you can train them into the shape you want to make it easier to prune when it’s taller.

The best time to prune is once all the blooms have fallen. Don’t wait much longer, or you’ll risk cutting off new growth and having fewer flowers next year. Remove dead and diseased branches and other branches that don’t fit the overall shape you’re going for. For the weeping varieties, trim branches at least six inches above the ground.

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