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Fragrant flowering shrubs are a delight in the home landscape. Picture this, you walk outside to explore your yard, check the mail, or say hi to your neighbors, and you catch a smell that is tantalizing and hypnotizing. What could it be?

Most fragrant shrubs will be spring and summer bloomers! These are the active growing seasons for most plants and you will see tons of new growth, flower production, and pretty colors during this time of year. 

What Are the Best Types of Fragrant Shrubs to Buy Online?

Star jasmine is possibly our most popular fragrant shrub with white flowers and for good reason! Star jasmine grows extremely fast with twining vines and can be grown over fences, arbors, or trellises. It's also one of the most fragrant shrubs!

Some other fragrant summer shrubs are gardenias like the Frost Proof Gardenia and butterfly bushes like the Black Knight Butterfly Bush. The best fragrant shrubs for pots are small shrubs like gardenias or roses. 

Gardeners from all over are drawn to these scent-filled plants, especially if you appreciate sweet-smelling flowers!

Fragrance does not come from flowers alone! Plants like Andorra juniper or Ocala anise do not flower but produce an aromatic or evergreen-like scent that is mesmerizing. Shrubs with foliage that have an aroma are great if you want something very easy to care for with a smell that doesn't fade when the flowers do. 

Position shrubs with a favorable fragrance somewhere where they can be enjoyed! This can be on patios, near walkways, mailboxes, or fencelines. 

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