Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Brown Turkey Fig Tree

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Sweet and Delicious Fruit Are so Easy to Grow in Home Gardens

The Brown Turkey Fig tree, also know as an Aubique or the Negro Largo, is an exception to the usual hot-blooded Mediterranean types of figs. There are many options for harvesting these medium-sized sweet figs. You can bake with them, dehydrate and dry them for year-round storage, eat them fresh or with honey, and fruit salad. You name it!

The Brown Turkey fig trees are an easy to grow fruit tree and the brownish-purple fruit are sure to please the tasting senses. This cold-hardy variety displays all of the best traits of a common fig including the magnificently shaped light-green leaves, smooth gray bark, and yummy edible purple-brown fleshed fruit. Contrastingly, unlike other brown figs, it will survive winters in a variety of climates.The Brown Turkey fig tree is cold hardy in USDA hardiness zones 7-9 making it great for the southern United States. 

This attractive deciduous garden fig tree has an interesting winter appearance because it loses some of its leaves in freezing temperatures. Not to worry though, as soon as temperatures start rising again the fig leaves flush out to fill in its appearance. The dormant season for growing figs is short since these trees only produce fruit in the south. You can even plant this fig tree in a container if you live in an area with cold, harsh winters. Just bring inside during the winter months!

Growing a Brown Turkey Fig Tree In a Container

Brown Turkey fig trees can be easily grown in a container as long as it's filled with organically-rich, well-draining soil. Since it is a smaller variety, the Brown Turkey fig tree is very tolerant of being planted in a pot, where it can yield higher fruit crops with heavy pruning.

Brown Turkey Fig Tree Size & Growth Rate

Brown Turkey fig trees are a smaller fig tree variety the size of a full grown brown turkey fig tree will usually depend on whether it's planted in a container or a large space in the garden. With its relatively fast growth rate, the Brown Turkey fig tree grows 13” to 24” inches each year.

A full size brown turkey fig tree can grow 15 to 30 feet and spread 10 to 20 feet wide at full maturity. 

How to care For a Brown Turkey Fig Tree Bought Online

Brown Turkey fig trees are easy to care for and grow as long as you give the fig tree what it needs. The Brown Turkey fig tree thrives best in full sun and well-drained soil. The best time to plant a fig tree is in early spring so it has the whole growing season to develop its root system.

It will need some annual pruning for the best growth and fruit production. This is optional but you can also spray the leaves with a fungicide if you experience issues with mites, rot, or fungus.

Be sure to water well the first year of planting to establish a strong root system. Once established, they are more tolerant of dry growing conditions.

When Do Brown Turkey Figs Ripen?

Brown Turkey fig trees offer delicious figs that make a tasty treat all year round! Brown Turkey produces 2 crops of figs each year. The first crop ripens early in the summer and the second larger crop of figs ripens in the late summer to early fall. 

When Do Brown Turkey Fig Trees Bear Fruit?

It usually takes a Brown Turkey fig tree 3 to 5 years before it starts bearing fruit and figs. All the Brown Turkey fig trees come ready to bear fruit so you can start enjoying fresh figs sooner after planting. 

Are Brown Turkey Fig Trees Self-Pollinating?

Similar to other fig varieties, Brown Turkey fig trees are self-fertile and do not require pollination or another fig tree to grow fruit. They do this with their unripe fruit which attracts wasps who lay their eggs there. In turn, the wasps help to distribute fig pollen which allows the Brown Turkey fig tree to reproduce and make seeds.

These plants and trees do not ship bare roots but are rooted in a container with soil to help protect them on their way to you. 

Shop our Brown Turkey fig tree for sale and start enjoying delicious fig from your own garden!

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Botanical Name
Ficus Carica ‘Brown Turkey’

Full Sun

Foliage Color

Mature Width
15-25 ft

Mature Height
10-30 ft

Growing Zones 7-9 Outdoor / 3-11 Patio

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Purchase of fig tree

I was very impressed by the prompt action, my tree arrived too dry and didn’t survive, when I emailed them the situation, they sent me a replacement plant right away no question asked. I appreciated that.


Perfect Plants

Hi there, Thank you for your awesome support of our family-owned business, we really appreciate customers like you that take a bit of time from their day to leave us a great and honest review. We hope you love your new plant and that it thrives for years to come. Best, Shirley

United States United States

Beautiful healthy plants

I bought a black mission fig tree and a brown turkey fig tree. They arrived in such good health. They are so beautiful. I am beyond happy with my purchase.


Perfect Plants

Thank you Kristi for your continued support and sharing your experience with our team. Enjoy your Brown Turkey Fig Tree. Happy fig picking!



Perfect Plants

Thank you for your Brown Turkey Fig Tree order. Take care!

peggy t.

great plant. now to put my green thumb to work. thanks


Perfect Plants

Hi Peggy! Thank you for your kind words. Glad to hear everything went well with your Brown Turkey Fig Tree delivery. You'll be picking figs in no time. Hope you and your green thumb are doing well. Take care!

Lawrence J.

it is strarting to push new growth. Looks great. Thanks.


Perfect Plants

Hi Lawrence. Thank you for sharing! You'll be harvesting figs from your Brown Turkey Fig Tree in no time.

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