Madagascar Palm Tree

Madagascar Palm Tree

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If you're looking to add some luscious, tropical greenery to your home, the Madagascar Palm houseplant is a great option. Not only is it easy to care for and grows quickly, but its distinctive look and beautiful foliage can also add an eye-catching element to any space. 

Madagascar Palms typically grow to a maximum of five feet tall, but can also be trimmed down to fit in smaller spaces. Depending on the size and shape you prefer, you can either look for trees that are already established or several potted plants that can be arranged together. Whichever option you choose, make sure it fits comfortably within your living space!

Madagascar Palms Are Easy to Grow

Madagascar Palms will thrive in bright, indirect light and high humidity levels. You'll want to keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy, and should mist the leaves regularly. 

Be sure to use a potting mix with plenty of peat moss or compost which can help hold moisture for the plant's roots. Finally, make sure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom so there is no risk of overwatering.

Consider Light Requirements

Madagascar Palms require bright, indirect light but protection from direct sunlight. Direct sun can scorch the leaves of your Madagascar Palm and cause long-term leaf damage. 

It may be necessary to rotate your plant so that all sides reach maximum exposure to light but look out for direct sunlight streaming in from windows. If this is the case, you may want to hang sheer curtains or add a layer of tinted window film to reduce strong sun angles.

Madagascar Palms are considered drought-tolerant, but they do like to stay moist. Allow the top inch of soil in your pot to dry out before you water again. 

You should use filtered or distilled water for your plant, as it’s less likely to have the chemicals found in tap water that can damage a Madagascar Palm houseplant. For fertilizer, use a liquid fertilizer once or twice per month during spring and summer only.

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Botanical Name
Pachypodium lamerei

Partial Sun/Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Mature Width
3-5 ft

Mature Height
6-8 ft

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