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Gorgeous big blooms line these low growing flowering shrubs. Hydrangea plants are perfect for any landscape - big or small! Hydrangeas are low maintenance plants that can rebloom all summer long in the right growing conditions, making them a popular choice in many locations. 

All About Hydrangea Colors & The Best Types of Hydrangeas to Buy Online

pink and blue hydrangeas

Add a splash or pop of color to your woodland garden with these shade loving plants. Hues of white, purple, pink, and blue explode into flower clusters in early summer and can last until early fall depending on the hardiness of the specific plant. The flower color of the hydrangea depends on the pH of the soil and the type of hydrangea you have planted.The Penny Mac Hydrangea is popular for having either pink, blue, or a mix with purple blooms depending on the soil pH. Limelight Hydrangea has huge, iconic white flowers that bloom every spring.

Hydrangea shrubs can be grown as a small bush or trained into a small tree with heights of up to 6-8 feet tall. Some can grow from a single trunk like the Pinky Winky Hydrangea Tree. Consider checking out its counterpart, the Pinky Winky Hydrangea Shrub. This beautiful shrub features gorgeous cream to pink cone-shaped blooms, but in a bush form.

For an all white flowering shrub take a look at the Annabelle Hydrangea Bush!

Looking for some small hydrangea plants that pack a powerful punch? The Endless Summer Hydrangea Varieties and the Little Lime® Punch Hydrangea do just that! The Limelight Prime® Hydrangea Shrub is another smaller alternative that blooms in mid-summer. Check out its larger counter part, the Limelight Prime® Hydrangea Tree or the Little Lime® Hydrangea Tree!

These late bloomers will bring beautiful colors after all the spring flowering plants open up, which is a nice way to extend the colorful blooms into a new season. 

Check out the Hydrangea Plant Grow Guide for information on choosing, planting, and growing your new hydrangea plant.

How to Take Care of Hydrangea Shrubs That You Bought Online

Generally, hydrangeas can grow across the United States in USDA hardiness zones 3-9.  

The best time to plant hydrangeas is in the Fall followed by early Spring so the plants have the whole growing season to establish roots and produce large flower buds. The best time of day to plant is early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight is subdued, offering protection against heat stress.

The best place to plant hydrangeas is in a sheltered location with sunny mornings and shady afternoons. Hydrangeas prefer to be planted in well drained soil that is kept consistently moist and is slightly acidic. Hydrangeas also like to be planted in fertile soil that is nutrient rich to grow plenty of big flower heads in the spring and summer. Plant hydrangeas with other evergreens like hollies or boxwoods. They also look nice with flowering shrubs like gardenias, hostas, or daylilies. 

close up pruning hydrangeasHydrangeas plants are deciduous shrubs meaning they lose their leaves in the wintertime. When pruning hydrangeas, it is important to be aware that not all varieties are pruned in the same way, and different types require a slightly different approach.

Knowing whether your hydrangea blooms on new wood or old wood is essential when pruning hydrangeas as pruning hydrangeas at the wrong time can cut off next year's blooms. Hydrangea plants that bloom on old wood should be pruned after flowering, while hydrangeas that grow on new wood should be pruned while the plant is dormant.

The Limelight hydrangea or panicle hydrangea should be pruned in the spring. Oakleaf hydrangeas should be pruned just as the flowering period ends in late summer or early fall. 

You should prune your hydrangeas to encourage healthy growth and tons of summer blooms! 

Can Hydrangeas Grow in Pots?

Planting hydrangeas in pots is a great option if you do not have a huge landscape or yard to plant them in. Smaller hydrangea plants like the Penny Mac will work perfectly in containers.

Choose a pot with a drainage hole as soil that is too wet can cause root rot. A well draining potting soil for potted plants works best. It has added perlite to help with drainage and aeration. Hydrangea plants in containers will need to be watered more frequently because the material of the planter evaporates water more quickly than if they were in the ground.

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