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Types of Monstera Plants

Monstera plants are a species of evergreen tropical shrubs and vines native to Central America. Often referred to as the “Swiss Cheese Plant” for its slotted leaves, the Monstera comes in 48 different varieties, yet only a few are likely to be available at your local nursery. Perfect Plants is proud to offer 3 types of monstera plants for you to choose from that come in the highest quality!

The most common type of Monstera plant is the Monstera Deliciosa, which gets its name for the tasty Mexican breadfruit that it produces outdoors. Another variety is the Monstera Borsigniana, which is actually a variation of the Deliciosa categorized by its smaller size and faster growth. There’s also the Monstera adansonii, which premiers the holed leaves that you see in most Monsteras. The Adansonii is recognizable for its small, heart-shaped leaves featuring dark shades of green.

Monstera Plant Care

How To Care for a Monstera Plant

Indoor monstera plants are fairly low-maintenance and an excellent choice for newer plant owners. Monsteras typically prefer humid conditions with temperatures in the range of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You should be careful not to put your Monstera plant too close to a cold draft, as the plants are sensitive to cold temperatures and sudden temperature shifts. 

How Often Should You Water Monstera Plants?

Because the Monstera is a tropical species, it prefers to have consistently damp soil. As a general rule, you should try to water your Monstera as soon as its soil becomes dry. You can either check the moisture with your finger or use a moisture meter; if the top two inches of the soil are dry, it’s time to add water. That said, you also don’t want to overwater your Monstera. Usually, the plant’s leaves will begin to turn brown and crispy when underwatered or yellow when overwatered.

How Big Do Monstera Plants Get?

How large a Monstera plant gets will depend on which specific variety it is. The Monstera Deliciosa typically grows to between 10 and 15 feet tall as an indoor plant, with leaves as large as 18 inches across. Monstera adansonii have the same large leaves, but they don’t usually grow beyond 10 feet indoors. The Monstera Dubia, on the other hand, typically only grows to around three feet tall indoors and features much smaller leaves than the Deliciosa or adansonii. 

Monstera Plant Light Requirements

Monstera plants prefer to be kept in bright, indirect sunlight. In nature, the Monstera typically dwells in extremely sunny areas under the canopies of large trees, meaning that it's frequently bathed in indirect sunshine. If you can recreate a similar situation, that will be the ideal setting for your Monstera. Usually, Monstera plants can survive in lower light, but it will cause them to grow much more slowly. If your Monstera receives too much direct sunlight, it could result in burn marks on the leaves.

Monstera Plant Repotting & Pot/Planter Requirements

Monstera plants tend to grow relatively fast, so it’s always prudent to select a pot with a bit more space than its roots currently need. If your Monstera is flourishing, you’ll most likely need to repot it roughly every two years. That’s typically about how long it takes for its roots to outgrow the pot, assuming you give it a bit of extra space every time you pot it.

By nature, it’s common for Monstera plants to grow out horizontally more than vertically. If you want to avoid this, you can use a moss pole or trellis to keep it growing taller as opposed to wider. However, this is not mandatory by any means.

Best Soil for Monstera Plants

While Monstera plants are happiest in moist soil, they don’t do nearly as well in soil that’s soaking wet. For this reason, the best choice for your Monstera would be fast-draining soil. If you combine fast-draining soil with a pot that features drainage holes, it should create the perfect environment for your Monstera plant. The soil will stay damp enough to keep the plant happy, and the excess water will drain from the pot. We recommend using our Organic Potting Mix to help get the job done!

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