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Americans are nuts for nut trees. We like them roasted, candied, chopped up in muffins, kneaded into bread, stir-fried, as breading for fish or poultry, made into nut butter, and more. We use them in arts and crafts, crack and eat them whole, and even extract their oil. The uses for a bunch of nuts are limited only to your own creativity. Did we mention pecan pie?

If you'd like to take a crack at growing your own nuts, you are not nuts. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your trees.

What Are The Best Types Of Nut Trees To Buy?

Is your goal to harvest nuts for your kitchen or to provide food for wildlife? While a nut tree can do both, some are better suited for the kitchen than others. Acorns can be made into flour but aren't usually the nut of choice in recipes. They are beloved by wildlife. Pecans and chestnuts are excellent eating if you are prepared to race the squirrels and deer in your area.

How To Order the Right Nut Tree for Your Yard

You may think that growing nut trees is playing the long game. Aren't those trees slow-growing? While you won't grow a full-sized nut tree in five years, nut trees don't wait until they are full-grown to start producing. 

Like apple trees, nut trees will begin producing while they are still younger. Some may yield their first small crop of nuts only 3-5 years after planting if the site is suitable for their needs.

When buying a nut tree, you'll want to consider the following:

Full Sun vs. Partial Sun

Almost all nut trees will grow in partial shade, but they will be happier, grow faster, and produce more when planted in full sun. Assuming other needs are met, nut production, known as 'mast,' is directly related to the amount of energy the tree can harvest from the sun. 

More leaves in the sun equal more nuts. That's why an oak tree in a sunny city park carpets the ground with acorns every autumn. It is getting all the sunny rays it wants.

Nut Tree Space Requirements

Most nut trees are full-sized trees, eventually. While it may take most of a lifetime for a hickory tree to reach 80 feet tall and 40 feet wide, it will happen. 

Even at younger ages, these trees can start to occupy a significant amount of space. If you have a compact yard or minimal space within your yard, look for nut trees with a smaller stature. 

Other Competing Uses

Your yard likely serves several purposes. Play area, relaxation space, gardening spot, entertaining, dog run, and others. Consider not only the tree's needs when selecting a site to plant but also how a nut tree will fit into those other uses of your property. 

Hundreds of nuts dropping in your swimming pool or pelting you while you grill could be a problem. You likely won't use a commercial nut harvesting machine, so you'll have to wait for them to fall to gather them.

Plant your nut trees in a spot where you can easily gather the nuts–not on a steep slope–and where they won't be a problem for other activities.

Another factor to think about is your weather patterns for your climate. Most fruit trees are cold hardy to a degree, but you should always check your USDA grow zone before choosing your desired nut tree to ensure it will thrive in your location.

Do Nut Trees Need a Pollinator?

Like fruit trees, nut trees set a larger crop with a pollinator. Some won't bear a crop at all without a pollinator buddy tree. In the case of pecans, they are handily divided into Type 1 and Type 2 trees. You'll need one of each to get a crop of nuts. Pecans are wind-pollinated, so don't plant them too far from each other. 

Benefits of Buying Nut Trees Online 

Nut trees make for a delicious addition to just about any backyard or garden. Similar to fruit trees or garden vegetables, growing your own nut tree will reward you with delicious nuts for you to snack on and use in recipes. At Perfect Plants, we offer over a dozen types of nut trees that produce many types of pecans and chestnuts. You can review the pros and cons of different types of nut trees here. 

Planting a nut tree in your backyard will offer tons of benefits. In addition to long-term yields of nuts each season, nut trees also offer an aesthetic appeal and will even increase your home value down the line. All of our nut trees are shipped rooted in a nursery container with soil. Be sure to read our shipping policy for more information. 

Shop from a variety of nut trees for sale at Perfect Plants today.

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