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What Are the Best Pink Flowers?

There is no shortage of gorgeous pink flowers to choose from for your garden. You certainly can’t go wrong with a George Taber Azalea Shrub, which features big, beautiful blooms in a bright magenta hue. It also produces a pleasant perfume aroma that will attract butterflies to your garden.

You could also add some vivid pink color to your garden with a Sweet Drift Rose Bush. The breathtaking shrub flowers frequently and is exceptionally resistant to disease. Having one of these plants in your courtyard or perennial bed will provide the space with a lively, season-long burst of beautiful color.


The Acerola Barbados Cherry Tree is a stunning addition to any landscape, adorned with beautiful small light pink flowers that exude a delicate and sweet scent. Not only is this tree adorned with pink flowers, but it also produces flavorful and nutritious cherries, prized for their high vitamin C content.


The Dwarf Pink Flowering Almond Bush is a charming deciduous shrub that blooms with delicate light pink flowers in early spring, adding a touch of beauty to gardens and landscapes.


If you’re looking for a plant with a lovely scent, another excellent choice would be the Camellia High Fragrance. The Camellia High Fragrance features evergreen foliage and bright-pink, rose-like blooms. The plant’s beauty combined with its pleasant fragrance will make it the perfect addition to your garden.


The Phantom Hydrangea Tree is an attractive deciduous tree that adds beauty to any garden. It showcases large cone-shaped flowers that initially appear white then gradually change to pink as they mature. With its adaptability to different regions in the U.S., this tree can flourish in both full sun and partial shade. Its gorgeous appearance and versatility make it a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. A wonderful alternative to this tree would be the Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea Tree. This tree has similar properties but produces a reddish pink colored bloom. 

Hot Pink Bush Companion Plants

There are quite a few colors that will provide a fantastic contrast to the gorgeous pink flowers in your garden. Pink and white go together wonderfully, making the White Drift Rose Bush a great choice as a companion shrub. The White Drift Rose Bush is a low-maintenance, disease-resistant plant with crisp, snow-colored blooms.

Another good choice is to pair your lively pink flowers with something light-blue. You could go with the Agapanthus Blue, which features ruffled, bright blue blooms and will attract both butterflies and bees to your garden. You also can’t go wrong with the Iris flower, which comes in several varieties and features large, beautiful blossoms.

Pink Flowering Bushes

Many different varieties of shrubs produce pretty pink flowers, and the color is a very popular one for all kinds of gardens and landscapes. One great choice is the Penny Mac Hydrangea Shrub, which can produce either blue or pink flowers depending on the pH of the soil it grows in. The Penny Mac Hydrangea is very low-maintenance and known for its lovely mophead flowers, which bloom continuously throughout the summer months.

If you’re looking for a pink-flowered bush with a unique aesthetic, you may want to consider the Dwarf Pink Muhly Grass Shrub. The drought-tolerant shrub is recognizable for its lush feathery plumes, which consistently grow in a vivid pink hue. The Dwarf Pink Muhly Grass Shrub is the perfect choice if you want to really differentiate your garden from the rest.

How To Use Pink Bushes for Landscaping

There are many effective ways you can use pink-flowering bushes in your landscaping, as pink is a gorgeous, vibrant color. One popular option is to make your pink flowers the true highlight of your garden or courtyard. You can plant a vivid pink shrub, such as the Kanjiro Camellia or Formosa Azalea Shrub, somewhere that will make it a focal point of the landscape. Then, you can surround it with smaller plants of more subtle colors to really emphasize the beauty of the bright pink flowers.

Another fantastic way to utilize dark pink flower bushes in your landscaping is to plant them as colorful hedges. If you’re careful about the way you space out the shrubs, you can give the outer boundaries of your garden a lush, full border with a beautiful blend of pink and dark-green hues.


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