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We are happy to bring you a wide arrangement of plants from the Southern Living® brand. These plants are the ones gardeners turn to when they want their gardens to look like the professionally arranged features on the pages of Southern Living® magazine. 

Each Southern Living plant we offer has undergone years of evaluation, selection, breeding, and plant trials to ensure you receive a magnificent specimen purpose-designed for Southern properties. They are optimized for Southern growers to provide the biggest and most prolific blooms, extended flowering, and the brightest foliage. 

Add some Southern Living® plants to your home and let them make your yard pop!

Benefits of Southern Living Plants 

Acclimated To Southern Climates, Soils, and Weather Conditions

Southern Living® plants have been bred by the artists at Plant Development Services, Inc., one of the largest plant breeders in the country, and the same team who brought us the legendary Encore® Azaleas. In partnership with Southern Living®, these plants were designed for Southern gardeners’ unique challenges. They will thrive and grow in the Southeast’s heat, long summers, soils, and winters.

Choose Plants for Sun or Partial Shade

Some properties are sunny, some are shady, and some are between. Our Southern Living® collection has plants suited for any spot, full sun, or a bit more sheltered. 

Plants To Fit Any Size, Space, and Color Palette. 

From ornamental trees to ground cover, purple to light green, the Southern Living® collection has it. Mix and match sizes, shapes, habits, and colors to create your own design. Check out the planning pages at to grab a few new ideas.

Quick Guide to Our Southern Living® Collection

Shorter Southern Living® shrubs

Many spaces require a shrub with a less imposing height. Foundation screens, perennial beds, ground cover needs, rock gardens, the edges of decks and patios, whatever your needs may be. 

‘Radiance’ Abelia grows 2-3 feet tall, but 3-4 feet wide at maturity and has lovely evergreen multi-colored foliage. Lightly fragrant white blooms and wine-red stems combine to make ‘Radiance’ an easy winner. 

‘Kaleidoscope’ is another Southern Living® Abelia with shorter stature, growing the same size and width as ‘Radiance.’ It has green and yellow foliage and star-shaped flowers that bloom into early fall.

‘Lemon Lime’ Nandina and ‘Obsession’ Nandina, both from our Southern Living® collection, are 3-4 foot tall shrubs. ‘Lemon Lime’ has foliage to match its name in a compact shrub. ‘Obsession’ turns fiery colors in fall and is hardy to USDA zone 6.

Purple Daydream® is a dwarf Loropetalum that thrives in full sun or partial shade. It has a mounding habit, dark purple foliage, and deep pink flowers in spring. Purple Diamond® is our other Loropetalum offering from Southern Living®. It is larger, 4-6 feet tall, but brings the same deep purple color as its smaller cousin.

‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia is a bee-pleasing shrub. With thread-like green foliage, bright yellow flowers, and dark fruits loved by birds, this plant brings it all season long. Thriving in part shade, it will grow about 3 feet tall. 

Taller Southern Living® Plants

'Sunshine’ Ligustrum is a golden foliage beauty. It grows 4-6 feet tall and is hardy to USDA zone 6. Try pairing it with ‘Purple Daydream’ for a gorgeous color combination. It is sterile, does not bloom at all, and is non-invasive. 

'Baby Gem’ Boxwood is an excellent choice for low hedges, screens, and spatial definition of the garden with a more formal border. Evergreen and hardy to USDA zone 5, its deep green color and easily shearable habit make designer landscaping easy.

'Yuletide’ Camellia is a larger shrub, growing 8-10 feet tall when mature. It provides dark green year-round foliage and many single, large, deep red blooms in winter. Happy in full sun or partial shade.

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