Grow Guides

We want your plants to be Perfect from beginning to end!

The Perfect Plants Growing Guides contain everything you need to know about choosing, planting and caring for your plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

We have determined the sunlight and water needs, soil requirements, USDA hardiness zone, FAQ, plant life cycle, and problems that may arise for you so you don’t have to worry! From Day 1 in the ground to year after year… we’ve got you covered!

Please use our plant care guides below to make your experience a Perfect one. Growing plants of all kinds can be a fun, easy, and rewarding process for anyone that is willing.

Apple Trees


Blueberry Bushes

Bonsai Trees


Crape Myrtles

Figs (Coming soon)

Gardenia Shrubs

Hostas (Coming soon)

Hydrangea Shrubs

Indoor Houseplants: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Magnolia Trees

Olive Trees


Ornamental Bananas



Peach Trees

Pear Trees

Pecan Trees

Thuja Green Giant

Contact us with any questions you may have… we are more than happy to help troubleshoot.