The Ultimate Camellia Grow Guide & Lookbook

By Lucas LaMontagne

Camellia Care: A Gardener's Journey to Early Spring Blooms

In the realm of botanical beauty, few flowers boast the timeless elegance and captivating allure of the camellia flower. With their delicate petals, vibrant hues, and rich symbolism, the camellia shrub has long been cherished as a symbol of love, devotion, and refinement. Today, we embark on a journey through a curated selection of camellia varieties, each offering its own unique charm and personality.

How to Grow Camellias That Thrive...

Where to Grow Camellias

Camellias grow best in the United States where the climate is somewhat mild. USDA growing zones 7-10 are typically the best suited for growing these stunning evergreen flowering shrubs. Southeastern states and those on the Gulf Coast such as Florida, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina are prime regions where camellias can thrive. It's important to note that these plants do not tolerate salt spray so keep that in mind when growing these shrubs.

Ideal Camellia Soil Conditions

Camellias thrive in acidic, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Optimal soil conditions allow for fruitful nutrient absorption, prevent water-logging, and promote healthy root development. Improve drainage by incorporating organic amendments like compost and peat moss into heavy soils. Additionally, applying a slow-release fertilizer annually can help promote new growth and flowers that come back each year. Perfect Plants offers both of these products to help your camellia bushes thrive!

Planting Conditions for Camellias

Best practice for these shrubs is to place them somewhere they will receive filtered, full morning sun but will be protected by shade during the hottest times of the day to prevent leaf scorching. Consider their mature size to prevent overcrowding and allow for adequate air circulation. Be sure to choose a spot that complements your landscape design, considering camellias' versatility as focal points, specimens, or additions to borders and hedges.

Proper Watering Practices for Camellias

Camellias love moist soil, so regular and proper watering is essential to keep your camellia plants thriving. Once established in your landscape, these plants need little supplemental watering. However, during the summer months or periods of drought, it is important to provide water to these shrubs to keep them healthy.

When to Prune Camellias

Typically, it's recommended to prune camellias once their flowering cycle concludes. For optimal results, Camellias should ideally be pruned during late spring or early summer. This timing allows ample room for new buds and foliage to flourish, leading to a bountiful bloom in the subsequent season. Camellias offer flexibility in shaping they can be trimmed to fit any desired size or form, or left to develop naturally according to their inherent structure.

The Best Camellia Varieties For You!

Radiating a soft, romantic allure, the Pink Perfection camellia captivates with its graceful form and blush-pink petals. Perfectly delicate blooms and exuding a subtle fragrance, this variety is a testament to the exquisite beauty of nature's floral creations. Whether adorning a garden landscape or gracing an elegant bouquet, Pink Perfection embodies the essence of timeless romance. These camellias can grow up to 7-12 feet tall and have a mature width of 5-8 feet as well.

Perfect for embracing the holiday season the Yuletide camellia is sure to bring cheer with its elegant red blooms and bright yellow center. These camellias are great as accent shrubs, hedge borders, and can even be a great choice for container growing. These camellias grow in a upright habit and have a mature height of 8-10 feet and width of 6-8 feet. 

With its vibrant pink blooms and glossy evergreen foliage, the Kanjiro camellia commands attention with its bold and striking presence. Whether showcased as a focal point in a garden bed or as a accent in a floral arrangement, the Kanjiro camellia infuses any setting with a burst of vibrant color and energy. With a mature height and width of 6-8 feet, these shrubs are sure to be loved on your landscape by you, your guests, and surrounding neighbors.

True to its name, the High Fragrance camellia delights the senses with its intoxicating scent and elegant beauty. With soft pink ruffled blooms accented by evergreen foliage, this variety exudes a sweet fragrance that fills the air with enchantment. Expect blooms to open up in January and last through March. Whether enjoyed as a grand statement piece in your landscape or as a treasured addition to a garden retreat, the High Fragrance camellia captivates the hearts and souls of your neighbors and guests, including pollinators like butterflies and bees, with its unparalleled aromatic charm. Maturing at a height and width of 5-8 feet, you are sure to fall in love with this amazing variety.

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