Our Story

Welcome to Perfect Plants Nursery. We are a family-owned and operated online mail-order plant nursery based out of North Florida that strives to offer our customers exactly what our company name suggests: The Perfect Plant!

Our 40+ years of extensive experience began in 1980, when our father purchased land to start growing his own wholesale plant nursery business. He had a desire to work for himself along with a vision to better the plant products being offered to the consumer while raising his children outdoors with strong work ethics themselves.

We all grew up around the farm; it’s where we experienced our first tractor rides, Easter egg hunting in the daylily bins, games of frisbee while watering plants on the weekends and summer jobs learning the value of a warm day’s work. The nursery grew along with us too; we started with a few single beds and now span about 70+ acres. Now, our children are learning the same values and traditions today as we did then.

While our nursery supplied landscapers and garden centers in the southeast with an array of quality shrubs and trees, the desire for our quality of plants to be able to reach more individual consumers is what began our online operations in 2013.

This nursery isn’t just our business, it’s our life. Since we are so involved in the growing of the plants on a daily basis, we can vouch for the quality of every plant purchased from us. Since our humble beginnings, we have steadily grown through our steadfast commitment to the satisfaction of every customer, our unwavering dedication when it comes to growing healthy, beautiful plants and fast growing trees in Florida that customers can depend on, and a staff who shares our passion and respect for all things that grow from the ground.