2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Are you trying to find the best gift for the plant lover in your life? Look no further than our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the best Christmas plant gifts, or surprise your friends and loved ones during any time of the year! Who doesn't love new plants?!

What's even better is that we offer plant gift delivery to most areas in the United States. No need to travel to the store during the holiday rush. Simply shop online at Perfect Plants Nursery and have them delivered in the time frame that you need them. Send a plant gift today...Easy peasy! Meet your new favorite online plant store!

Holiday gift shopping just got way more convenient with our plant gift guide that features plants under $25, $50, and $100. No matter your budget, we've got something for the green thumb in your life. Keep reading to learn about the best gifts for plant lovers!

Best Plant Gifts Under $25

If you are trying to ball on a budget and show off your gift giving skills this holiday season to the plant person in your life, these are our top picks for the best plant gift ideas for under $25. Selecting the right gift gives a more personal experience for the gift receiver and shows that you understand what they know and love. Giving a living gift means planting a memory and you get to enjoy the gift for many years to come.


Frost Proof Gardenia 

One of the best smelling gifts you can get a plant loving friend or loved one! The Frostproof Gardenia is a gorgeous summer flowering plant with extremely fragrant blooms that smell great all summer long! Contrasting the pretty white flowers is dark green foliage that will stay evergreen on the shrub all year long. The perfect dwarf shrub for any garden!

frostproof gardenia as a best gift for plant lover

Pilea Peperomioides 

The cutest houseplant gift for small spaces in the home or office! The Pilea Peperomioides, also known as the friendship plant or pancake plant, is the gift that keeps on giving. What we mean by that is that when this indoor houseplant produces offspring, better known as Pilea pups, it is the perfect idea to give one to a neighbor or friend. More unique plant gifts for everyone! With easy care and low maintenance qualities, it's effortless to keep these house plants thriving! It is one of our favorite green plants to spruce up indoor decor. Add an indoor garden to your space with this adorable houseplant!

pilea plant as a best gift for plant lover 


Flowering Ann Magnolia Tree

Our favorite spring flowering tree is perfect for Christmas gifts! Let your recipient know that hot pink flower blooms are coming soon from this early spring bloomer. Beginning in January, February, or March depending on your area, you'll see captivating pink flowers cover this small tree from the ground up. It's not hard to see why it is one of our most popular trees! Ann Magnolias only grow up to 12 feet tall and wide making them perfect for small gardens or even containers!

ann magnolia tree as a best gift for plant lover


Orchid Repotting Kit

Orchid plants are one of the most popular plants to grow right now! This Orchid Repotting Kit helps any orchid grower’s plants thrive with a soil refresh and nutrients to keep those beautiful orchid flowers coming. Any orchid enthusiast will tell you the hardest part of growing orchids is creating the perfect soil blend that allows for aeration and drainage. The Perfect Plants Orchid Soil is specially formulated to help with just that. Shop now for the orchid lover in your life!

 orchid repotting kit as a best gift for plant lover


Best Plant Gifts Under $50

Spread some joy and love with the gift of growth this year! There is nothing sweeter than watching a plant grow year after year. Plants are so unique and make the perfect gift for anyone! These are our top picks for gifts under $50.


Star Jasmine Vine

Every gardener’s dream flowering vine is a wonderful gift idea! The fragrant star jasmine vine is so easy to take care of, even the blackest of thumbs can keep this prolific climber alive and thriving! What is better than walking outside and taking in the sweet smell of jasmine flowers during spring and summer. It's the perfect gift!

star jasmine vine as a best gift for plant lover


Arbequina Olive Tree

Ever wanted to grow your own olives or make your own olive oil? We've got the best Christmas gift for you! Thriving in full sunshine and producing up to 20 pounds of olive fruit per year, this is the best gift for the olive oil enthusiast or anyone wanting to broaden their fruit tree collection. Arbequina olive trees are easy to take care of and are an attractive addition to any garden. They can even live indoors for winter in a bright sunny spot for anyone growing them in zone 7 or below. We recommend keeping them outdoors for spring, summer, and fall in full direct sunshine for best fruit production.

 arbequina olive tree as a best gift for plant lover


Ouachita Blackberry Bush

Berry bushes are one of the best plant gifts you can give due to their prolific nature and ability to produce delicious and tasty fruit! The Ouachita Blackberry is an exceptional variety that is sweet, juicy, and thorn free! One of the hardest parts about blackberry bushes is dealing with the pesky thorns!! We've taken the hard part away with this amazing cultivar produced by the University of Arkansas. We grow these berries in our nursery garden and trust us... they are delicious!

ouachita blackberry plant as a best gift for plant lover


Monstera Deliciosa Indoor Houseplant

One of the easiest houseplants to care for grown right here at Perfect Plants Nursery! Monstera deliciosa is prized for its low maintenance care and ability to grow indoors in bright indirect light. It's the perfect plant gift for someone wanting to expand their indoor plant repertoire and looks amazing in any room in the house! Houseplants are known to decrease stress and boost your mood so be sure to snag one for the potted plant lover in your life! It may become their new favorite plant.

monstera deliciosa indoor houseplant as a best gift for plant lover


Best Plant Gifts Under $100

Have a little extra cash to spend and want to show off to your fellow plant lovers? Whether you are shopping for a family member, coworker, neighbor, or yourself, adding a little extra green in someone's life is a great option for the holidays! Choose fruit trees for a perfect gift that keeps on giving every year, maple trees for the best looking trees on the block every fall, or beautiful reblooming roses that will catch the eyes of passerby's all year long. These are our top plant gifts under$100.


Santa Rosa Plum Tree

Have visions of sugar plum trees dance in your head? Look no further than the Santa Rosa Plum tree with sweet and delicious red plums that can be grown in your garden. What's even better is that this fruit tree is heat tolerant and self fertile! Meaning you only need one tree to produce fruit! Shop now for one of the sweetest plums on the market.

plum tree as a best gift for plant lover


Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

The perfect gift for your parents, a neighbor, or someone looking to become a new plant parent! The Autumn Blaze Maple just does what its namesake says it does... it sets ablaze for all to see! With absolutely stunning red fall foliage and a fast growth rate, you can help beautify someone's yard with this amazing tree. Our top choice for fall color!

maple tree as a best gift for plant lover


Double Pink Knock Out® Rose Tree

Our top choice for gifts to WOW your recipient. This reblooming rose tree is the package deal when it comes to flowering trees. Plant it in-ground, in garden beds, or in containers to show off all the beautiful pink flowers. Only growing up to 5 feet tall makes it perfect for small spaces. The best part about it is that it reblooms the pretty pink roses all year long!

pink rose tree as a best gift for plant lover


Little Gem Dwarf Magnolia Tree

Magnolia blooms symbolize pride and poise, so this makes the best plant gift for the sophisticated plant lover in your life. This dwarf magnolia tree boasts creamy white and large flowers during summer, as well as evergreen foliage all year long. Growing up to 20 feet tall, it makes the perfect tree for a front or back yard needing to be spruced up. 

 dwarf magnolia tree as a best gift for plant lover


You're all set and ready to start shopping for the gift giving season. We hope our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Plant Lovers has everything you are looking for! Shop the best plant gifts for sale now to avoid the holiday rush in December and have your plant gifts shipped right to your door or your recipient’s door! Just click, order, and save yourself some time! Less time in the store means more time with your loved ones or in the garden ;)