How to Buy Trees Online

Buying trees online is much easier than you might think! If you’ve never shopped online for trees, don’t worry — we’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying trees online in this article. Before we get started, a quick word on the benefits of buying trees online. Not only is it more convenient (no leaving home to go to garden center or lugging trees around in your car!), but it’s also cheaper without sacrificing quality or beauty. We also offer a more diverse selection than your local nursery might! If you want to read a full overview of all the benefits of buying large trees and shrubs online, check out this blog. Now, let’s dive in to the how behind buying trees online.

Step One: Determine what kind of tree you want to buy.

Whether it’s fruit/nut trees, privacy trees, shade trees, fast growing trees, ornamental trees, trees for fall color, or beautiful flowering trees, we have an amazing selection of trees to add to your landscape. We do not ship these trees bare root. They are rooted in a nursery container with soil. While we have lengthy product descriptions to help you choose which trees to buy, we know that sometimes nothing beats talking to an expert.

As such, we offer lots of ways to get in touch with our team. You can live chat with us, call us during business hours, or submit a contact form in which we’ll email you a response. Find all of that information here, on our contact page. You’ll also love checking out our full blog and our grow guides for additional, specific information on our beautiful trees.

We are continuously adding more grow guides for specific types of plants – if you have a recommendation please let us know. We love our customers!

Most Popular Trees

Step Two: Purchase the trees you love.

Our checkout page is easy to navigate and we also offer an extended 1 year plant warranty for your plants for 10% of the order.
Once you’ve decided which trees you want, simply add them to your cart and begin the checkout process. FYI: we accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, and we offer a discount for bulk/wholesale orders.

Next in the process is usually the biggest fear people have when it comes to buying trees online: shipping.

But fear not — we are a family-owned business who’s been in operation for 35+ years, and we’ve got the shipping process down to a science.

Upside Down Box Test – no matter the state of the shipping, we ensure your plant will arrive safely and in tact. We guarantee it!
Once your order is placed, we will ship your trees within seven business days, unless you request otherwise in the space provided to do so on the checkout page. Did you know there is a delayed delivery option if you would prefer to wait until the weather’s right to have your plants shipped? Perfect Plants’ shipping specialists know they play a huge role in customers’ buying trees online, so they are very careful to package your plants using a proven packaging method that ensures your plants arrive healthy, colorfully alive, and ready to flourish. We’ve coined the term upside down box test and we do just that; we carefully package so that regardless of the direction your box is handled, it will not harm your precious plant that’s inside.

We use FedEx to ship, and depending on your location in the United States, your tree will arrive between one and seven days! You can look at this map to help determine when you’ll receive your new trees, and you can read more about our shipping policies here.

Now, all you have to do is wait for your new tree to arrive and then plant trees! See how easy buying trees online is — get started finding your perfect plants now!