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Shop our collection of apple trees for sale! We offer a wide variety of red apple trees, green apple trees, and golden apple trees of many sizes. Growing your own apple trees can be rewarding, life-changing, and fun! Never buy another apple from the store again or worry about where to buy apple trees. Grow your very own apple trees in your backyard with Perfect Plants!

Apples taste deliciously sweet and each apple tree variety has its own unique flavor. These backyard apple trees will produce loads of apples in no time for you to harvest and use. They can be enjoyed fresh off the tree, or stored for later use. Make the perfect apple pie from your own apple tree!

What Are The Best Apple Trees To Buy?

We stock a full line of Apple Trees, with three of the most popular being: 

Gala Apple Tree - This self-fertile best-seller is a semi-dwarf variety, making it perfect for smaller yards.

Dorsett Golden Apple Tree – Known for its sweet taste right off the tree, the Dorsett Golden Apple tree produces fruit at a young age. This means you could be harvesting apples the first year!

Anna Apple Tree – Unlike most other apple tree varieties, the Anna Apple tree thrives in warmer climates. It is also self-fertile so you only need 1 to harvest fresh apples.

Caring For Apple Trees You Purchased

Apple trees prefer well-draining soil that is consistently moist and fertile with nutrients, providing the best growing conditions for the fruit trees to grow and produce fruit.

You can grow apple trees in containers if they are smaller or you would like a patio plant. Just make sure you use a large enough container to allow room for the tree roots to grow. There are even fast-growing and self-pollinating apple trees!

Browse our complete selection of fruit trees for sale and start planting with Perfect Plants today!

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