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Butterfly Bush Care

Flowering butterfly bushes are the perfect addition to your landscape to invite pollinators such as butterflies, bees, or hummingbirds to stop by. Their sweet nectar is mesmerizing and nutritious for these fluttering creatures.

orange monarch butterfly bush on a purple butterfly bushThe fragrant flowers of these shrubs will appear in spring through summer. The scent that is put off is strong and can attract pollinators from miles away.

We love the Buddleia davidii bushes for their easy care and low maintenance qualities. The medium sized shrubs can tolerate a wide range of soils and planting sites and can be planted in full sun or partial shade.

Add the perfect perennial plant to your garden's landscape and have the butterflies flocking in no time!

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When do Butterfly Bushes Bloom?

The butterfly bush blooming season starts in early to mid-summer and continues into fall. To ensure the most blooms each season make sure to deadhead spent flower heads and provide your shrub with butterfly bush fertilizer.

Types of Butterfly Bushes

There are many different colors of butterfly bush varieties to choose from and we are

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proud to offer 3 types at our nursery. The Black Knight Butterfly Bush is perfect for creating a medieval look with its dark purple flowers. The Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush features light purple conical shaped flowers that look sweet and dainty. The Flutterby Petite® Tutti Fruitti Butterfly Bush is a beautiful dwarf butterfly bush perfect for small spaces or containers.

How Big Do Butterfly Bushes Get?

Butterfly bush size varies on the type of butterfly bush you have. Butterfly bushes can get as tall as 8ft and as wide as 5ft. There are also smaller varieties that get no larger than 2 ft tall and wide.

How to Prune a Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush pruning is essential to keep them healthy and growing with vigor. Butterfly bushes should be pruned annually in early spring to encourage new growth and promote flowering. Prune or remove any dead or diseased branches and shape the butterfly bush to your desired size.

When to Prune a Butterfly Bush

The best time to prune butterfly bushes is as soon as they are done flowering. This is usually in the late spring or early summer. At almost any time of the year, you can prune off spent or dead flower blossoms to encourage reblooming, this is known as deadheading.

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 When to Plant a Butterfly Bush

The best time to plant butterfly bushes is in the Spring and Fall months. You will want to plant after the last frost in early spring and before the first frost in fall.

How to Plant a Butterfly Bush

Planting butterfly bushes is easy! Simply dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball. Take the butterfly bush out of its nursery pot and loosen up some of the roots. Place the potted bush into the planting hole and backfill with native soil. Water the flowering shrub thoroughly the first few weeks to establish a strong root system and cover with mulch or organic matter to help retain moisture.

Where to Plant a Butterfly Bush

The best place to plant butterfly bushes is in an area with at least 6-8 hours of direct

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sunlight with well-draining soil that is organically rich in nutrients.  Butterfly bushes grow best across the United States in USDA grow zones 5-10. Additionally, if you are in a zone that is hotter or colder than the ones prescribed, you can keep your rush bush in a container and move indoors on winter nights when temperatures are below 20 F.

Do Butterfly Bushes Need Full Sun?

Butterfly bushes need at least 4-6 hours of sunlight daily in order to thrive and create the beautiful blooms we all know and love.

Do Deer Eat Butterfly Bushes?

Luckily these beautiful shrubs are disease-resistant and deer-resistant plants making them a great addition to any garden.

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