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How To Choose the Best Shade Tree For Your Yard

Trees in your yard provide more than just something to look at. They can filter pollutants, slow stormwater runoff, increase property values and shrink your electricity bill. 

Trees reduce the ambient temperature of the air, and neighborhoods with trees experience a lower level of crime. But they are lovely to look at too. 

According to research by the US Forest Service, "Strategically placed trees save up to 56 percent on annual air-conditioning costs." That's a pretty hefty savings all by itself. 

Planting shade trees in your yard can also increase your property value. Researchers at the University of Washington found that shade trees on your property and in your neighborhood can increase values by 3-15% over properties without trees. 

Shade trees can reduce the temperature of urban areas, offer cool spots to relax, serve as habitat for wildlife, bring privacy, and provide economic benefits. 

With all these excellent reasons to plant shade trees at your property, you might be tempted to head right out to get started. However, you still need to choose the right tree for our location and purpose. 

What is a Good Shade Tree to Buy Online?

Maples? Oaks? Japanese Maple? Choosing the 'right' shade tree to plant at your home can be as important as selecting the location where you will plant it. 

Like choosing a new ornamental tree, begin by answering a few questions first when selecting a new shade tree.

What Is Your New Shade Tree's Main Purpose?

When deciding to plant a new shade tree, you may have a specific desire in mind. It might be to provide shelter from the afternoon sun on your deck or shade your driveway, so your car doesn't get as hot. 

You might be thinking about shading the house from the hot summer sun or even blocking the morning sunrise from your bedroom window so you can sleep in on Saturdays. 

Whatever your new tree's purpose, keep it in mind when shopping. 

Where to Plant Shade Trees?

Shade trees can be relatively small or grow to be massive. Planting a maple tree six feet from your front porch can cause problems quicker than you might think. 

Keep proximity to buildings, power lines, neighboring property (problem trees can cause problem neighbors), and even sewer or septic lines in mind when selecting a tree. Always keep the mature size of the tree in mind. 

Just because it is a shade tree doesn't mean it wants to grow in the shade. Match the sunlight needs of your tree with the planting site. 

Keep your site's drainage in mind as well. Bald cypress won't mind wet feet and will grow in locations that sometimes flood, but a hybrid American chestnut tree will not endure such conditions. 

Choosing a tree to match your site will help it establish and thrive.

Deciduous vs Evergreen?

The traditional shade tree is deciduous and provides cooling shade in the summer but allows sunlight to warm the home when the leaves are gone in winter. However, those living in the south may enjoy evergreen shade trees. Some evergreen trees also make good year-round privacy and windbreak choices. 

Like the 'October Glory' red maple, many deciduous shade trees provide a stunning color display in fall. 

What Is a Good Shade Tree Thats Not Messy?

All the benefits of shade trees don't come without a little effort. In the case of deciduous shade trees, the leaves can be gathered and composted or simply chopped up with a mower and allowed to decompose in place (the easy and soil-friendly method). 

Evergreens can still create yard litter from dead needles or fruit. Some evergreens drop cones. Trees that make nuts can be a benefit or a burden depending on where they fall. A thousand acorns in your swimming pool could be a problem. 

Keep the characteristics of the tree in mind when shopping for a new shade tree. 

A Tree (or Three) in Every Yard

Trees provide so many benefits to us, our neighborhoods, and our environment that you might not want to stop at just one. Harness your inner landscape designer to create an entire property that is unique, colorful, and pleasant to spend time in and enjoy all the many benefits of shade trees. 

Choosing the right shade tree can be easy when you have taken the time to figure out answers to the above questions. Grab a spade and get planting!

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