African Violet Soil

African Violet Soil

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African Violet Soil Mix Provides Nutrients & Optimum Environment for These Houseplants to Thrive

African violets are lovely houseplants prized for their vibrant coloring and rich green foliage. Flowers display deep shades of vibrant blue, bright white, or royal purple coloring and have attractive yellow centers. These delicate flowers rebloom numerous times per year with optimal growing conditions and in the right soil.

Caring for African Violets

It’s a good idea to regularly maintain your African Violet plants by removing dead leaves or spent flowers as you come upon them. This tidying up around your plant will help it grow better. Spring through fall, you should fertilize it every other week with phosphorous-based plant food if needed. 

Light Factors

African Violets enjoy bright ambient light. Indirect light near a north-facing window is a good option. Be sure not to let direct sunlight scorch your plant.


This plant loves the spa treatment. Place it in a warm and humid environment. African Violet thrives when placed in a regularly used bathroom, as steam from showers and baths will nurture it. 

Potting soil for African violets should be moist but not wet. Avoid overwatering your African Violet as soggy, poorly draining soil can cause root rot. When watering, add lukewarm water at the base of the plant so as to avoid getting the leaves wet. Directly watering the leaves can cause brown spotting. 

African Violets thrive at temperatures between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During the colder months, keep them away from cold drafts. 

What Sets Our Soil for African Violets Apart?  

Our African Violet Potting Soil mix provides longer-lasting blooms, and increased vigor, and encourages lush foliage expansion. Our precise mixture of the ingredients provides a semipermeable soil that helps African Violet roots gain access to fresh air. In nature, these lovely plants enjoy a humid environment with their roots often exposed. Our loose and porous potting soil will help the roots stay healthy. So what does the best soil for African violets look like? Let's explore the ingredients below.

Composted Pine Bark

Pine bark acts like a fertilizer and supplies vital nutrients to your African Violet. It also stores away excess water for later use by the plant. 

Organic Perlite

This ingredient locks in moisture while also allowing excess water to drain away. Thereafter, it slowly releases moisture as your plant needs it, which helps your plant stay perfectly moist and fresh!

Perlite makes things light and airy too. Perlite contains tiny air pockets that directly provide oxygen to the roots of your plant. This enables roots to breathe and get proper ventilation.  

Organic Peat Moss

A balanced amount of peat moss maintains the right moisture level. Thereafter plant roots can absorb this much-needed moisture as they need it. Other potting mixes add too much peat moss, which can retain larger sums of water than what African Violets actually need. 

Garden Lime

Garden Lime is an amazing mineral that has the ability to balance soil pH while also making nutrients more bioavailable to plant roots. It can also provide essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. 


Our soil is specifically designed to provide good drainage and aeration, while at the same time optimizing moisture control. 

How to Use African Violet Potting Soil for Your Plants

Though African Violets are relatively easy to take care of, their roots need special consideration. To simplify root care, it’s essential to give your plants the best start by providing them with the right growing medium. 

Not all African violet soil recipes are created equal. We work to bring together the right balance of nutrients and minerals to ensure optimal growth and flowering. 

What’s more, individual plant species have adapted to their own unique growing conditions and our potting mix takes native growing conditions into mind. We do our best to simulate the natural soil environment that wild African Violets enjoy. 

Consider Using Our Potting Mix for Your African Violets!

At Perfect Plants, we make growing indoor plants a breeze. Our signature potting mix makes nurturing African Violets easier than ever! Our moisture control formula provides efficient drainage while capturing just the right amount of water for a slow and steady moisture release, just as the plant needs it. Order yours today!

Happy planting!

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