Organic Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix

Organic Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix

  • Ideal acidity for long term enrichment
    Holds the required moisture levels
    For all types including: venus flytraps

  • pitcher plants
  • sundews
  • and bladderworts

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This Organic Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix is the ideal blend of ingredients to keep any type of carnivorous plant variety thriving in the perfect soil conditions!

We specially mix this carnivorous soil for all types of plants including Venus flytraps, Pitcher plants, Sundews, and Bladderworts. Carnivorous species require water that is pure with a low level of minerals. We recommend using rainwater or distilled water for the best results. The best method for watering carnivorous plant species is to place the plant’s container directly into a saucer and fill the saucer roughly once a week. This unique type of plant prefers bottom watering so they can soak up fresh water from their roots.

What Is the Best Soil for Carnivorous Plants?

Our carnivorous plant soil recipe includes organic perlite, sand, and organic peat moss for the best results when growing carnivorous plant types. The potting soil for carnivorous plants you use should hold the required moisture in the soil for the plants to absorb it all! This garden soil mixture does just that and provides the proper drainage and aeration to keep your plants healthy.

Carnivorous plant soil is low in nutrients because the plants will hunt for their own by feeding on mosquitos, flies, or other flying insects. As long as the plant is receiving plenty of indirect sunlight, it can survive for long periods of time without fertilization. When growing carnivorous plants indoors, choose a well lit spot near a sunny window.

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Check out our Carnivorous Plant Grow Guide for more information regarding growing carnivorous plants.

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