Organic Orchid Potting Mix

Organic Orchid Potting Mix

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Freshly Mixed Orchid Soil to Enrich, Hydrate, and Aerate Orchid Roots

Organic Orchid Potting Mix – All purpose potting material for all epiphytic orchid and bromeliad types.

Comes in a resealable bag for all your repotting needs. This orchid potting medium is made with charcoal, sponge rock/perlite, orchid Pine bark mix, Coconut husk coir chips to retain moisture and provide good aeration. The addition of Sphagnum Peat Moss will also help when growing all orchids including phalaenopsis orchid and moth orchid.

This specially formulated potting soil for orchids allows room for roots to expand within pot without compacting. This Orchid mix will not suffocate your orchid roots like other garden center orchid soil mixes. Orchids prefer room to grow, air circulation, and also allowing slight water retention to keep the roots hydrated in between watering.

Allows for proper aeration and drainage in the orchid’s container – no wet feet or root rot. Orchid growers everywhere have been loving this for their orchid care. The proper growing conditions are essential to keeping your orchid plants thriving. Water, nutrients, and sunlight are the top 3 factors in getting your orchid to thrive and re-bloom.


  • Choose a container, we recommend one with drainage holes (it not using a pot with drain holes: use a plastic pot inside the outer container)
  • Fill the container 3/4 full with the best Orchid Potting Mix — leave a small, crater-like hole for your plant
  • Carefully remove the orchid and place your type of orchid in the container, find the best position so roots can fit
  • Be sure not to damage the roots or stem, you can trim back dead roots if desired
  • Backfill the remaining container space with the Orchid growing medium
  • Spray with a spray bottle or place an ice cube on top of mix as a general rule
  • Water once a week
  • Use the potting media when repotting your orchid as well
  • Do not repot until the orchid finishes flowering

Is your orchid plant getting enough light? If not use grow lights to provide the proper growing conditions and produce those beautiful orchid blooms.

Use Orchid potting mix for other plants like african violets, tree fern, or tropical plants. You can also use the orchid bark as mulch for some plants. Do not use it for things like succulents that like dry soil conditions.

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Zina P.

My son who is currently in Adult/Teen Challenge in Tallahassee worked at Perfect Plants & told me about this Orchid potting mix. My Orchid had outgrown it's pot so I ordered the Organic Orchid Potting Mix for my plant. GREAT PRODUCT! Fast Shipping! I would highly recommend it!


Perfect Plants

Hi Zina, Thank you so much for the review and the purchase of our Orchid Potting Mix! We look forward to your continued support!.

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