Gloria Grande Pecan Tree | Type 2 Pollinator

Gloria Grande Pecan Tree | Type 2 Pollinator

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The Gloria Grande Pecan tree cultivar is a favorite among commercial pecan growers and has one of the most consistent yields of all pecan varieties.

Discovered in South Carolina as a seedling of the Stuart Pecan, the Gloria Grande Pecan produces roughly 50 nuts per pound. It has a thick, strong shell, and 44% kernel content. It will produce medium to large nuts with a kernel that is firm with high oil content.

One consideration is that this pecan variety can take a bit longer to start producing nuts compared to other cultivars. Nut production could take 8-10 years to produce pecans and every year the number of nuts per pound will increase in number. 

The Carya illinoinensis Gloria Grande is a Type-2 pollinator and requires to be pollinated with Type 1 like Desirable Pecan or Mandan Pecan to cross-pollinate and produce nuts. The harvest date is in late October.

Gloria Grande Pecan Tree Information

Hardy in USDA growing zones 8-10 and appears widely planted across most of the southern United States. It does best with 300-500 chill hours. This is a large and easy nut tree to grow when planted in full sun or partial shade. It will also prove to be an excellent shade tree in your landscape and takes less pruning and training compared to its other pecan family members.

The Gloria Grande Pecan tree height is up to 75-100 feet tall and a 40-70 foot wide branch spread. It can grow up to 2-3 feet per year when established until reaching the size of a mature tree. This hardy pecan tree growth rate is extremely fast!

Soil should be deep and well watered the first few years of planting to establish a strong root system. The Gloria Grande papershell pecan tree cultivar will adapt and grow in moist and well drained soil types and prefers full sun or partial shade.

Fertilize annually at the top of the root ball for best pecan yields and to help protect against the elements. This pecan tree is the most scab resistant of any other pecan variety. It also has the lowest alternate bearing rate making it popular at commercial pecan farms.

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Botanical Name
Carya illinoinensis 'Stuart'

Full Sun

Foliage Color
Medium to dark green

Mature Width

Mature Height
75-100 ft

Growing Zones 8, 9, 10

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