Hachiya Persimmon Tree

Hachiya Persimmon Tree

  • Self pollinating

  • Edible fruit
  • Perfect for home gardens

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Sweet Orange Fruits Are Easy to Grow in Home Gardens!

The Hachiya Persimmon Tree is one of the easiest fruit trees to grow and for good reason!

Hachiya persimmon fruit is super sweet, easy to pick right off the tree, and perfect for incorporating into baked goods or canning. 

Like its cousin, the Fuyu Persimmon, the color of the Hachiya fruit can range in shades of light orange to burnt amber. The deep orange fruit has a large size and is acorn-shaped. 

Ripe Hachiya persimmon taste can be described as very sweet with hints of apple, apricot, and citrus. Hachiya is an astringent persimmon variety which means it's best to eat the fruit once it has softened on or off the Diospyros kaki 'Hachiya' tree. Harvest in late fall from October to  December for a bountiful harvest. 

The Oriental persimmon tree is highly productive and also has excellent fall foliage making it a gem in the garden! The bright green leaves will turn to shades of yellow and orange when temperatures start to dip in the fall. The fall colors make this a wonderful addition to home gardens!

How to Tell if a Hachiya Persimmon Is Ripe?

You can pick the oriental persimmon Hachiya before it has ripened on the tree and allow it to ripen off the tree. You will know when the fruit is ready to eat once the outer skin has softened to a squishy consistency like a water balloon. If eaten before becoming fully ripe, the fruit will have an astringent taste.

How to Eat Hachiya Persimmon Fruit?

 Hachiya is best eaten right off the tree when ripe. You can also store unripe fruit in a cool, dry place at room temperature until it has time to ripen. The unripe fruit will emit ethylene gas, similar to apples and bananas, to help it speed up the ripening process. Hachiya fruit is commonly used in baked items and canned goods such as jellies or jams. It also makes a delicious ice cream flavor!

Whole, ripened fruit can be stored in the freezer for later use or you can also dehydrate persimmon fruit for a tasty and healthy snack. Dried fruit is an excellent way to store extra harvests for later use and is packed full of nutritional benefits. 

Hachiya vs. Fuyu Persimmon

Hachiya is an astringent variety, while Fuyu is a non-stringent variety. Fuyu's fruit will stay crisp like an apple while Hachiya gets so soft that the pulp is almost liquified. Hachiya has a high level of tannins so that if eaten unripe it will not taste favorable. 

Hachiya persimmon variety has a more elongated fruit size like an acorn, while Fuyu has an oval-sized fruit like a donut. 

Both persimmon varieties are sweet with hints of pumpkin and cinnamon in their fruit and are delicious eaten fresh or used elsewhere in the kitchen! 

Hachiya Persimmon Tree Care

The Hachiya persimmon tree height can reach up to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide at maturity once planted in the ground. They have a moderate growth rate of 1-1.5 feet per year. We recommend pruning in late winter after fruiting has finished to maintain a desirable size and shape. 

The best location to grow Hachiya persimmon trees is zones 7-10 across the United States. They need at least 200 chill hours, which is fairly low and makes them perfect for Southern climates. The hotter the summer, the sweeter your fruit will taste. 

Full sun is required to make this fruit tree happy. At least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight will help with fruit production. The tree will begin to bear fruit after 1-3 years of being planted. 

Hachiya persimmons are self-pollinating, meaning they don't need another tree nearby to cross-pollinate. Being this beautiful tree can stay small and compact, it is perfect for home gardens or small spaces!

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Botanical Name
Diospyros kaki 'Hachiya'

Full Sun

Foliage Color

Mature Width
10-15 ft

Mature Height
12-20 ft

Growing Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

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