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Some houseplants are finicky. Some are just downright irritable. We’re talking about you, fiddle leaf fig. If you’d like some greenery in your home or office but need something a bit more easygoing, check out our choices below. These plants are tolerant of less-than-ideal plant parenting. 

Characteristics of Easy-to-Grow Houseplants

All green plants have a few basic requirements, but the degree of fussiness separates them. New plant parents or houseplant lovers who don’t have much time may be well served by choosing houseplants that are not as picky about water, light, temperature, and the like. 

Tolerant to lower light levels

Plants that tolerate less-than-ideal light levels are perfect for beginners and those with lower light levels in their homes. They won’t need expensive grow lights. You don’t need to try balancing them on a narrow window sill or let them take up space on your table by the window. 

Watering needs

Some houseplants are picky about their watering schedule. If pleasing such finicky drinkers is not your style, choosing houseplants tolerant of irregular watering can make keeping a plant or two much less intimidating. 

Most houseplants enjoy being watered when the top inch or two inches of soil is a bit dry. However, some don’t mind if they are allowed to dry out more between waterings. My silver pothos on top of the bookshelf gets watered every time it reminds me by the slightest wilting of leaves. Not that letting plants begin to wilt from lack of watering is ideal, but my pothos doesn’t seem to hold it against me. 

Houseplants For Your Apprentice Green Thumb

Snake Plants

Formerly known as SansevieriaSnake plants were reclassified in 2017 to the genus Dracena. However, you’ll still see many of them labeled as Sansevieria in stores. Also called Mother-in-law’s tongue or St. George’s sword for its long, slim, rigid, and pointy leaves. They are available in several color variations and put up with a lot of neglect. 


Grab a pothos or two if you need a plant to ignore and still have it look green and lush. Stunning variegated pothos have intricate patterns on their leaves. Golden pothos are loved for their green and yellow foliage. Both are easy to care for and great for people with little time for houseplant parenting. They will also tolerate fluorescent light, making them excellent choices for office spaces.

ZZ Plant

You can call them Zamioculcas zamiifolia if you prefer. Maybe Zam zam? Shiny, waxy, dark green leaves and tolerance for typical house light levels make ZZ plants a favorite for folks needing easy-to-care-for houseplants. 

They grow from a big tuber called a rhizome, making them drought tolerant in the wild. It will probably be okay if you forget to water it for a couple of weeks. 

Peace Lillies

Another easygoing plant, peace lilies are not true lilies. They are true troopers at growing in marginal light, under fluorescents, or in otherwise dimmer spaces that would anger other plants. 

They enjoy being watered deeply and then allowed to dry out, perfect for plant parents with less than perfect memory. Peace lilies can grow to be moderately large and provide lots of dark green foliage. 

Monsteras and Philodendrons

While growing large, social-media-worthy Philodendrons and Monsteras takes some care, these plants will be perfectly happy to just exist without much fuss. Light from a window and watering when they dry will get them by. Toss in a bit of houseplant fertilizer once in a while, and you will be showing them off to your friends. 

Gather a few easy-to-grow houseplants and enjoy some greenery in your home or office space. You’ll grab some cred as a plant person as well. No one has to know how easy they are to grow but you. 

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