Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

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Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil is the best soil for your fiddle leaf fig plant! We specially formulate this nutrient dense soil to enhance your Ficus lyrata potted houseplant’s natural environment.

The key ingredients to this soil are coconut coir, pine bark, perlite, sand, and the perfect amount of purpose fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. Soil comes in a resealable bag for storage or later use.

This lightweight houseplant potting soil will provide optimum nutrients and allow room for root systems to flourish. The fiddle leaf fig potting soil will help retain moisture while draining excess water away from the roots and preventing root rot. The soil does not compact and allows for root aeration while keeping the plant happy.

The fiddle leaf soil mix is perfect for keeping those violin shaped leaves looking bright and green! Already have an established plant but need to enhance the soil conditions? This is the best soil for repotting fiddle leaf figs.

Tips for growing fiddle leaf fig trees:

  • Have indoor plants in containers with drainage holes so the excess water drains out.
  • Apply fiddle leaf plant food at the root ball every 6 months for best nutrition.
  • Allow the soil to dry out completely in between waterings.
  • Using both the indoor potting mix and fiddle leaf fertilizer will help protect against pests and diseases like brown spots and mealy bugs.
  • Position your plant in bright indirect light and away from locations are under air conditioning.

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Check out the Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Guide for Indoor Houseplants for more information on successfully growing the latest and greatest house plant sensations and other fiddle leaf fig care.

Pair with our liquid Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer for best results!

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