Liquid Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

Liquid Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

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Liquid Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer Will Keep Leaves Green and Glossy

Fiddle leaf fig trees are popular houseplants that most houseplant lovers seek out even though beginners may find them finicky to care for. They’re worth the wait, though, since their deep green glossy leaves are beautiful to look at! Our liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer will help your plant stay happy and shiny and take a lot of the struggle out of caring for it!

This fiddle leaf fig fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 9-3-6, allowing the plant to develop healthy foliage. It also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc, all of which help the plant grow steadily and strongly. When you follow the directions on the bottle, your plant will receive the appropriate amount of nutrients it needs.

Apply this mixture when it’s time to water your plant. You can mix this fertilizer solution into a container of water and apply as little or as much as you need it. The prepared mixture can be stored and saved for next time, so you don’t have to worry about wasting the excess.

While this liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer will provide your plant with all the nutrients it needs, you can give your plant an extra boost with our Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil to help it develop strong roots and broad leaves.

How to Fertilize Fiddle Leaf Fig with Liquid Fertilizer

Mix one teaspoon of the liquid fertilizer into one gallon of water. You can make more if you need to as long as you follow the same ratio of fertilizer and water. You can store extra fertilizer in a container and use it next time. So, if one gallon is too much, you don’t have to throw it away.

You don’t have to follow special directions to apply the fertilizer to your plant. Water your fiddle leaf fig as usual but use the fertilizer instead of regular water when it’s time to feed your plant. It’s as easy as that! 

How Often to Fertilize Fiddle Leaf Fig with Liquid Fertilizer

Knowing when to fertilize fiddle leaf figs is essential since an unhappy plant will die quickly. 

We recommend fertilizing once every two weeks in spring and summer and once a month in the winter for the best results. Not every plant is the same, however, so you may need to adjust how often you fertilize it based on its needs.

You can tell when it’s time to water your plant when the top two inches of the soil are dry. Feel the soil with your finger before you water it so you can be sure it’s time to water so you don’t accidentally give it too much water.

Your fiddle leaf fig will have crunchy brown leaves if your plant doesn’t have enough water. A severely underwatered plant is difficult to bring back, so it’s important to start watering it more frequently right away.

If your plant develops yellow leaves, it’s likely because it has too much water. Water less frequently and only when the top two inches of the soil are dry.

If you start to notice your plant turning yellow or showing other signs of dying and the only difference you made to your watering schedule is the fertilizer, it might mean your plant is receiving too many nutrients. Try reducing how often you fertilize to see if your plant responds better.

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Check out the Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Guide for more information on growing fiddle leaf figs.

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