Soil Acidifier

Soil Acidifier

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Our acidic potting soil is great for all your acid-loving plants such as azaleas, Japanese flowering magnolias, camellias, gardenias, and loropetalum these plants like their potting soil pH a bit lower. This acidic soil mix has a pH level lower than 7.0 on the pH scale, which makes it perfect for acidic soil plants. We perform a soil acidity test on every batch of soil that we hand-make here at the nursery to ensure consistency.


If you’re wondering how acidic your soil is, you can purchase a pH tester. If the acidic soil pH is less than 7 then you have acidic soil. If your soil test is above 7 you have basic soil. To learn how to lower acidity in soil or increase the acidity continue reading below.

What is Acidic Soil:

This blend of high acid potting mix includes acid soil amendments such as Canadian peat moss, aged pine bark, controlled release 360-day fertilizer, granite sand, and other minor elements to provide you with the best start to amending your garden soil to be acid-loving plant soil.

How to Add Acid to Soil:

If you’re wondering how to make potting soil acidic, we’ve got just what you need. To make soil more acidic, you can use coffee grounds, calcium carbonate to lower pH. By adding acid to the soil, it will help provide your soil with the alkaline it needs to be slightly acidic.


Dig a planting hole the depth of your plant and twice as wide as your plant. Mix your dug up soil with the amended Acidic Potting Soil and use this mixture to fill back in around the root ball of your plant. Pack the potting soil firmly ensuring no air holes remain and water thoroughly.

Apply the acid lovers potting mix directly to the plant roots.

Plants That Like Acidic Soil:

Blueberries– at Perfect Plant’s we offer acidic potting soil for blueberries. This tailor-made acidic soil for blueberries helps your plant’s fruit production and keeps your plant healthy for years to come.

Hydrangeas- these plants enjoy acidic soil and depending on the hydrangea acidic soil level, it could even change the flower color of your shrub.

Camellias– to maintain beautiful, flowering camellias add acidic soil to your yard.

Keep away from children and pets. Harmful if ingested.

Net weight 2 pounds.

To keep your plants healthy and full buy acidic soil online today! The Perfect Plants Acidic Soil for sale will add nutrients to increase production on flowering trees and fruiting plants.

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