Fruits & Nuts

Fruit Trees & Pecan Trees

Fruit and nut trees are an excellent way to bring fresh grown (possibly organic) fruit and vegetables to your yard and belly! You have not lived until you have picked an apple or plum directly off the tree and taken a bite! The juicy, delicious taste will not only surprise you but offer savings from buying fruit and nuts from the grocery store.

An edible landscape is both rewarding and beautiful with lush foliage, gorgeous flower blooms, and abundant harvests year after year. A worthwhile investment to your home landscape and it can even increase home value!

There are hundreds of varieties of fruit and nut trees you can add to your landscape for both aesthetic appeal and tasty home grown fruits. Perfect Plants offers 58 types of high quality fruit and nut trees that you can purchase online and have shipped right to your front door!

Create an outdoor space you can feel proud of and share the bounty with friends and neighbors alike! Use our Fruit Tree Planting Mix to amend any containers or garden beds for the perfect soil for fruit trees!

Check out our Grow Guides page for specific information on individual species and information on care and planting your new fruit and nut trees. The growing needs are different for each type so it is important to check things such as USDA zones, soil conditions, planting site, mature tree size, and so much more before planting your new trees.

None of our trees ship bare root for the safety and health of the plant. They ship rooted in a nursery container with soil. Read more on Shipping Info.

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