Hydrangea Shrubs

Gorgeous big blooms line these low growing flowering shrubs. Hydrangeas are perfect for any landscape - big or small! Low maintenance plants that rebloom all summer long in the right growing conditions.

Add a splash or pop of color to your woodland garden with these shade loving plants. Hydrangea shrubs can be grown as a small bush or trained into a tree with heights of up to 6-8 feet tall.

Hues of white, purple, pink, and blue explode into flower clusters in early summer and may last until early fall depending on the hardiness of the specific plant. The flower color depends on the pH of the soil.

Hydrangeas can benefit from the addition of slow release fertilizer or acidic/basic solutions to change the soil pH.  Fertilization should be done in early spring for the summertime flower blossoms to open.

These late bloomers will bring beautiful colors after all the spring flowering plants open up. A nice way to extend the colorful blooms into a new season. Hydrangeas are deciduous meaning they lose their leaves in the wintertime.

Some can grow from a single trunk like the Oakleaf Hydrangea tree but most have multiple stems shooting out.

These flowering shrubs perform best in well draining soil, morning sun, and afternoon shade. The addition of organic matter to amend the soil will help if soil conditions are not ideal.

Check out the Hydrangea Grow Guide for information on choosing, planting, and growing your new hydrangea plant. Keep in mind, they are toxic to humans and animals if consumed.

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