Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer

Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer

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Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer Will Prepare Your Bonsai Tree for Longevity

Bonsai trees originated in Asia and are prized for their ability to be trained to grow into beautiful shapes. They can live for a century or even longer if cared for properly. If you want your tree to potentially live longer than you, you must give your tree the nutrients it needs. When your bonsai receives enough nutrients, it can grow strong and withstand pests and diseases.

Our liquid bonsai tree fertilizer has a 9-3-6 NPK ratio, which is perfect for bonsai trees. It also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc, all of which will help your bonsai stay happy and healthy to prepare for a long life. You can apply this liquid fertilizer with your regular watering schedule, making it easy to remember. 

This fertilizer has a simple fertilizer-to-water ratio you can prepare and apply to your plant as needed. Bonsai trees may have different water and fertilizer requirements depending on their environment, and how much light they receive, so some bonsai may need less fertilizer than others.

How to Apply Fertilizer to Bonsai

The bottle of liquid bonsai fertilizer is a solution you mix with water. Applying it to your bonsai is as easy as giving it a drink as usual!

Mix one teaspoon of the bonsai fertilizer per one gallon of water. The mixed solution can be stored for up to six months, so it’s okay if you don’t use an entire gallon at once. Keep the leftovers in a closed container and use it again next time when your plant is ready for more fertilizer.

Use your prepared fertilizer solution instead of regular water when your bonsai needs a drink. You don’t have to use the solution and water separately.

When should I fertilize my bonsai tree?

Fertilize your bonsai 1-2 times per month in the spring and summer months when your tree is growing. Bonsai trees usually need to be watered once a week, depending on their environment, so you may not need to water them with the fertilizer every time.

Bonsai trees go dormant in the autumn and winter months, so you can decrease the fertilization frequency to once every 7-8 weeks until the weather warms up again.

You can know it’s time to water your bonsai when the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

How can I know if my bonsai has enough fertilizer?

Since you can fertilize your bonsai while you water, the amount of water it’s getting will be a good indicator.

If your plant has dry, crunchy leaves, it’s a sign that it isn’t getting enough water, so it’s probably not getting enough fertilizer, either.

Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering. If you see yellow leaves, reduce the frequency of water you give it. Remember, you only need to fertilize once or twice a month, so if you’re watering the correct amount, your plant could be receiving too much fertilizer.

If you’re unsure how much fertilizer your bonsai tree needs, it’s better to start with less to see how your plant responds. You can add more as you go if it doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

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