Liquid Fertilizer for Gardenias

Liquid Fertilizer for Gardenias

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Boost Those Blooms with Liquid Gardenia Fertilizer

Gardenias are captivating shrubs that many people like to keep as a houseplant. The beautiful waxy white blooms have a sweet scent that will make your home smell wonderful. If you keep the shrub outside, you can count on it to bring plenty of pollinators! Our liquid gardenia fertilizer will help your shrubs keep their blooms coming and their leaves looking shiny.

Gardenia shrubs need plenty of nitrogen and potassium to continue growing foliage and flowers, which is why our gardenia fertilizer is ideal for giving to your plants. It has an NPK ratio of 9-3-6 and includes other essential nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. When you give your plants the recommended amount of fertilizer, you can be sure they’ll get all the nutrients they need to thrive.

The fertilizer is super easy to apply—all you need to do is mix the fertilizer with water and give your plant a drink as you usually would. You only need to apply it a couple of times each month, and you don’t have to use it in the winter, so it’s a low-maintenance option with a high reward.

How to Fertilize Gardenia Shrubs

Our liquid gardenia fertilizer is a concentrate you add to water and feed your plants with your regular watering schedule.

Mix one teaspoon of fertilizer with one gallon of water. If you don’t need the entire gallon for your plant, you can store the extra in a closed container and save it for next time. The fertilizer will last for up to six months.

Feeding your gardenias is easy. Pour the fertilizer solution at the base of your plant like you would typically water it. You can feed this fertilizer to indoor and outdoor plants.

How Often Do You Fertilize Gardenias?

You’ll know when to fertilize gardenias when your plant looks thirsty or when it’s your normal watering time. Gardenias like moist soil and should never be allowed to dry out between waterings. If the soil looks dry, it’s time to water!

You only need to use the fertilizer 2-3 times per month. When it’s time to fertilize, water with the fertilizer instead of regular water. You won’t need to use both, making it an easy way to care for your plants!

Gardenias don’t need to be fertilized in fall or winter. Once your gardenia slows down bloom production, you can stop fertilizing it until spring.

How Do You Know if the Gardenias Have Enough Fertilizer?

Since you apply the fertilizer with water, the level of water the plant has is a good indicator of the nutrients it’s getting. 

An underwatered gardenia will have yellowing leaves and will fall off the plant. If this happens and the soil is dry, then you know it’s time to water!

Even though gardenias like plenty of water, there’s such thing as too much. You’ll notice moist or wet soil, wilting leaves, and new growth that looks brown. You may also see flower buds fall off. Reduce how much you water your plant to help the soil dry out.

If you start using the fertilizer on a plant you’ve had for a while and notice your plant behaving differently, it may be a fertilizer problem. Try giving it less fertilizer for a while to see if that helps clear up its issues.

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