Liquid Jasmine Fertilizer

Liquid Jasmine Fertilizer

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Improve Your Jasmine’s Water Routine with Liquid Jasmine Fertilizer

The jasmine family of plants contains vining and bushy varieties, some of them offering a beautiful fragrance that will give your home a lovely scent. Vines can be grown outdoors on arbors and trellises, but many people like to keep the bushy kind in their home to bring the delicate little flowers indoors. Our liquid jasmine fertilizer is suitable for all varieties and will help keep the leaves shiny and the blooms blossoming.

Our liquid jasmine fertilizer has a 9-3-6 NPK ratio and many nutrients your plants need, including calcium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. This fertilizer mix will encourage strong roots, shiny green leaves, and abundant flowers. 

If you follow our jasmine fertilizer recommendations and give it to your plant every time you water, you’ll see beautiful results in no time! It’s an effortless way to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need.

How to Fertilize Jasmine Plants

Mix one teaspoon of liquid jasmine fertilizer into one gallon of water. You can store extra fertilizer for up to six months, so you don’t have to use it immediately if you don’t need it. Since jasmine is drought-tolerant, it’s important not to give it too much water.

When it’s time to water your jasmine, water with the prepared fertilizer instead of regular water. Pour as much fertilizer as you would when you usually water it to make sure your jasmine is well-watered. We recommend pouring enough that it saturates the top six inches of soil. It will allow all the roots to have access to water and the plant to stay happy and hydrated until the next time you need to water.

How Often to Fertilize Jasmine Plants

You’ll know when to fertilize jasmine when the top two inches of the soil are dry. Jasmine can withstand some drought, so it doesn’t need to be watered as often as other houseplants. You can stick your finger two inches into the soil to see if it’s dry. If it doesn’t feel moist, then it’s time to water your jasmine with the fertilizer.

If you keep jasmine as an indoor plant, you will likely need to water it more often than a jasmine plant that’s kept outside since containers tend to dry out faster. Sunlight also plays a factor in how often you need to water. Jasmine that receives a lot of sunlight will need more water than one that receives more shade.

Even though jasmine is drought tolerant, it can still be severely damaged by underwatering. Don’t let any more than the top two inches of soil get dry, or you’ll be at risk of stressing your plant. 

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    Loretta C.
    United States United States

    A perfect fertilizer!

    This product causes my jasmine to thrive and make lots if blooms.

    Dana F.
    United States United States


    My jasmine that I am sheltering indoors is loving this!


    Perfect Plants Nursery

    Hi Dana, That's great to hear! I'm so glad your Jasmine is thriving indoors and that our Jasmine Liquid Fertilizer can help. It must be enjoying the shelter and care you are providing. Keep up the good work! Best, Shirley

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