Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae

Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae

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Looking for a natural way to improve soil health and root growth in your garden? Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae is the answer. This powerful blend of mycorrhizae fungi will boost plant health without the use of synthetic fertilizers, so you can enjoy healthier, stronger plants.

What is Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae is a specialized network of beneficial fungi that colonize the roots of plants. Through this symbiotic relationship, nutrient and water absorption is increased and plants are able to access essential available resources such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium more efficiently. Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae is the perfect way to ensure your plants have access to these important nutrients and benefit from improved soil health.

How Does Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae Benefit Plants?

Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae increases nutrient and water absorption for plants, increasing the plant’s ability to access resources more efficiently. This ensures the plants in your garden receive essential macro-nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium without the need for synthetic fertilizers. Not only does this result in healthier, longer-lasting plants but it can also improve soil porosity and drainage, resulting in improved soil health overall.

What Are the Benefits of Using Natural Fertilizers?

Natural fertilizers such as Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae offer a number of benefits over synthetic fertilizers. They are not only better for the environment but they are also more cost-effective, easier to apply, and safer for plants and soil. Natural fertilizers promote greater root growth, improved plant health, and better soil drainage while providing essential nutrients your plants need. By using natural fertilizer you can ensure your garden grows strong and healthy without any harm to the environment.

How Do I Apply Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae to My Garden?

Applying Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae to your garden is easy and straightforward. Simply mix the powder with water and apply it evenly around the base of plants or scatter on soil surface. You can also spread the product in an even layer around the roots of existing plants. For best results, watering should be applied after application of Ultra Fine Mycorrhizae to ensure it absorbs into the soil properly. This will help promote strong root growth and overall plant health.

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