Orchid Repotting Kit

Orchid Repotting Kit

Orchid Repotting Kit

  • Chunky

  • hand mixed formula for all orchid types
  • Orchid fertilizer lasts for 1 full year
  • Quality ingredients to provide lasting effect

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Freshen Up Orchid Roots With New Soil & Nutrition

Orchid repotting for beginners may seem like a daunting task if you aren’t familiar but with the Perfect Plants Orchid Repotting Kit, it’s a breeze! This kit includes a 4 quart bag of Orchid Potting Mix and a 5 year supply of Orchid Fertilizer (for a single specimen) to freshen up and feed your orchid plants.

Use this orchid transplant kit for all your repotting needs. The orchid starter kit is perfect for all epiphytic plant types including Phalaenopsis orchids. Our orchid soil is formulated with orchid pine bark, horticultural charcoal, pumice, & coconut coir chips to provide adequate aeration and moisture retention to encircling roots. Orchid fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 13-11-11 that supplies orchid plants with 1 full year of vitamins and minerals.

How to Repot an Orchid Plant Using Perfect Plants Orchid Fertilizer & Soil

Orchid care & repotting is essential to keeping your beautiful flowering houseplants healthy and happy. Our repotting orchid kit provides nutrients & the perfect growing medium for a thriving orchid plant.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when performing this simple task:

  1. Carefully remove the orchid from its current pot & remove any old potting medium
  2. Clean up the orchid roots by removing any bad or dead roots with sterile trimmers or scissors
  3. Gently place the orchid back in its grower pot or in a slightly larger pot that will fit the root system
  4. Refill the pot with the Orchid Potting Medium & the notated amount of orchid fertilizer based on the size pot it’s in
  5. Water the orchid thoroughly until water runs through the bottom of the pot but don’t let the roots sit in standing water to avoid root rot

When to Repot Orchids

The typical time to repot is every 1-3 years or as soon as the plant outgrows its current pot. You will know when it is time to renew the soil when the orchid bark mix that encompasses the twirling roots crumbles or dissipates in your hand. Additionally, the spiraling roots may become imposed on the pot or container. When aerial roots start to take over, you should repot the orchid plant to give it new soil and fertilizer.

Repotting orchids in bark is the best option for most plants because of its chunky consistency and high nitrogen content.

Check out the Orchid Grow Guide for more information on all your repotting needs. You can also compare to our Liquid Orchid Fertilizer

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