Organic Coco Coir for Gardening

Organic Coco Coir for Gardening

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The Organic Coco Coir soil amendment is an excellent addition to your gardening supplies!

With tough and long lasting coconut fibers that decompose at a slow rate, you can use this high quality coconut coir for gardening or plants to improve your soil’s water retention, ability to retain nutrients, for seed starting, or for creating your own garden soil! Coconut husks have excellent water management that allows for proper drainage while still retaining moisture and allowing the plant’s root systems to grow.

What Is Coco Coir?

Our bagged Coco Coir product comes from mature, ripe COCONUTS! Everything in between the outer shell and the coconut seed inside is considered a brown coconut coir product. After harvesting, coconut husks are soaked in water, dried, and processed into fine bits for use in the garden and/or hydroponic garden systems.


Coconut coir for plants has many horticultural uses in the garden! Many hydroponic growing systems use it as a growing medium as well as a filler for raised garden beds, or as a soil amendment for native soils that are too sandy or heavy clay soil. Because of its high water retention, you will want to mix it with other components to ensure you have the right mixture of ingredients. You can use this bag of Coco Coir fibers for seed starting and plant propagation. One of the best ways to use it is by making your own Coco Coir soil mix.

Growing in Coco Coir potting mix helps to retain water and specific nutrients for longer in comparison to using other soil additives with a shorter lifespan. Coco peat is great to provide plant growth for indoor and outdoor plants alike!

How To Make Coco Coir Soil

You can blend this ready-to-use coco coir into your garden soil or homemade potting soil. It’s a great alternative to sphagnum peat moss with a more neutral pH level and is more environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. An aerator element is essential for allowing oxygen to flow freely through your Coco Coir potting mix. Perlite or vermiculite is an excellent option to create space for oxygen which helps keep plants alive. Because Coco Coir mixes only contain trace amounts of vital nutrients, you will need to supplement your soil with an all purpose fertilizer to provide the missing links for complete nutrition.

How To Prepare Coco Coir

We provide the best coco coir for growing as a soil conditioner! It has already been broken down into small peat-like bits for horticultural use! You do not need to do anything to prepare it besides give it a good fluff up after being in the bag and possibly getting compacted. When watering coco coir growing medium, expect it to hold onto the moisture for several days before needing water again.

The Coco Coir ph is between 5.2-6.8 which is neutral on the pH scale. This range can fluctuate over time depending on what the growing media is mixed with.

Buy Coco Coir for sale to improve your gardening skills and enhance your soils with long lasting coco fibers!

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